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4.-7.10. 2022

International Engineering Fair



Mechanic, eccentric and toggle presses – LEVER DRIVE
for installation transfer system exactly according to customer requirements. According to the press structure and the speed of the ram may be used for press forming operations, deep drawing, stamping and precise cutting.

Transfer technology

  • significant material saving, up to 20% against the advancing tools
  • parts can be rotated and turned over between stations
  • more space for punches and dies – strength and durability of tools
  • simple and rapid maintenance (individual stations can be independently removed)
  • blank optimization for bent – drawn parts using directly in serial stations needless prototype tools
  • the choice of burrs after cutting on either side
  • rapid changes on the parts
  • tapping, welding, washing  and other processes directly in operation
  • cutting-edge lines  after the final cut, without secondary operations, outstanding quality cut as Fineblanking

Divider sheets and coils, rotary punching, profiling and trapezoid lines

These machines are produced in different versions, namely:

  • mechanic
  • electric
  • pneumatic
  • hydraulic


PAV B 065

Date: 11 Aug 2016 10:07:00

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