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7.-11.10. 2019

International Engineering Fair

Kärcher spol. s r.o.


Ringler – extraction equipment and mobile industrial vacuum cleaners

Ringler products respond to the highest quality of industrial products, durability, and technical quality for over more than 40 years.

Ringler offers in the group of mobile industrial vacuum cleaner high-performance equipment. One of them is a mobile industrial vacuum cleaner RI 100 W2E. With the power of 2.6 kW, suction vacuum 23 kPa and air flow rate of 430 Nm³/h is able to extract large amounts of liquids, eg. oil and coolant. Further is suitable for extraction of type chips and of the impurities around the machine tool, even if it is a combination of liquids and solids to be separated, through a integrated stainless steel sieve. Ringler offers a wide range of accessories in DN 40, 50 and 70. When vacuuming large quantities of liquids can be equipped with the vacuum pumping pump.

This cleaner finds application in machine tools, in heavy industry but also in small workshops.

Iceblaster IB 7/40 – Dry Ice cleaning

Iceblaster IB 7/40 for cleaning with a use of dry ice (solid form of CO2) is a very compact machine suitable even for fine work. Low consumption of compressed air (max. 3,5 m3/min) makes it ideal for use with in-house compressed air systems. Manipulation of this 70 kg weighing machine enable two big wheels.

The IB 7/40 properly and effectively removes oils, adhesives, silicones etc. from various kinds of surfaces. Kärcher´s ice blasting technology is only minimally abrasive and can be used for delicate surfaces as well. Dry ice consumption is around 15–50 kg/h and pressure is ranging between 0,2–1 MPa (2–10 bar).

The dry ice pellets (with the temperature –79 °C) are injected into a jet of compressed air, accelerated to speeds in excess of 150 m/s and the fired at the surface to be cleaned. The abrupt cooling of the surface causes a thermal shock and produces fine cracks in the top layer. The dry ice penetrates these cracks, lift the contaminant from the surface and return to the atmosphere as CO gas leaving only the contaminant behind.

B 150 R – Ride-On Scrubber drier

The new B 150 R ride-on scrubber drier for cleaning of areas 2500–6000 m2 is full of customer-oriented design features and accessories to make cleaning safer, more convenient and more productive. Thanks to features like interchangeable cleaning heads, DOSE detergent dosing unit, tank rinsing system, different battery options and side brush pre-sweep system, the machine can be precisely tailored to the unique requirements of our customers, whatever their application.

Fundamental function of B 150 R is safety, which is ensured by KIK operator key system.
The operator has a yellow key for putting the machine into the operation and is not allowed to to change the basic settings of the machine. These setting are made by facility manager with a grey key. The parameters that can be set are for example suction power, brush speed, detergent dosing, permission for the yellow key etc.

Short and slim design makes the machine extremely maneuverable and controllable.


Date: 9 Jun 2015 12:48:00

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7.-11.10. 2019

7.-11.10. 2019


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