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4.-7.10. 2022

International Engineering Fair

KÄRCHER spol. s r.o.


New high-quality sweeper Kärcher KM 125/130 R
Kärcher has launched new high-quality sweeper in the 125 cm class KM 125/130 R. Compared with its predecessor, the machine provides a number of features. This includes the unique optional brush which makes cleaning corners effortless, extraordinary positioning of the main sweeper roller on the rear axis and continuous filter cleaning.

For cleaning difficult corners, Kärcher has developed sweeping crescent side brush. This is mounted between the main roller brush and the side brush. Combined with the machine‘s high manoeuvrability, dirt can be completely picked up from corners with one action.

The roller brush positioned on the rear axle can be removed and replaced in a flash without using tools. The position of the roller brush allows bumps to be traversed safely and ramps to be driven up or down.

The area performance of the new KM 125/130 R is up to 10,000 m²/h, this makes the machine a universal unit for use in logistics, as well as in the most diverse of commercial environments such as manufacturing, warehouses, yards, parks and much more.


VP K 005

Date: 11 Aug 2016 10:07:00

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