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Digital readouts TS-MAX

The digital readouts are used on the machines for many years. During the past time there were increased the functions of these digital readouts, but the way of the operation was always the same. By click of the correct button were choosed the needed function, but the operator should always know the steps how to use this function.

This is changed by the new digital readouts TS-MAX. The functions and steps are fully graphically displayed on the display.

There are displayed only the buttons, that are related only with the used function.

The digital readout TS-MAX is also supplied with the optional accessories, like the measuring probe, tool setter, relay outputs, PC output.

Date: 15 Aug 2015 09:01:00

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13.–17. 9. 2021

13.–17. 9. 2021

13.–17. 9. 2021

13.–17. 9. 2021

13.–17. 9. 2021

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