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7.-11.10. 2019

International Engineering Fair

ISCAR ČR s.r.o.


The LOGIQ tool system for intelligent machining in Industry 4.0

ISCAR intends to launch a new campaign called LOGIQ. Its aim is to introduce a new standard in cutting edge cutting tools. The first presentation of the selection of the latest innovations of cutting tools for metal cutting in the Czech Republic will take place at the MSV BRNO 2018.

A leader in metal machining and tool innovation, ISCAR has embraced the concept of intelligent IQ machining through logical improvements in tool development. The result is a number of LOGIQ tool solutions that predict and meet customer needs. LOGIQ introduces intelligent logic in a series of strategic steps to implement INDUSTRY 4.0 standards while ensuring continuity and stability.

NAN MILL – breakthrough in miniaturization of milling tools with indexable insert

ISCAR extends a range of milling tools by introducing new small diameter milling bodies. These are 90° lead angle cutters with a diameter of 8–10 mm fitted with triangular inserts. The tools will be ordered under the trade names NAN MILL and NAN FEED.

For example, a 8 mm diameter end mill cutter is fitted with two plates and a diameter of 10 mm is configured as a 3 cutting edge tool. The HM390 TPKR 0401-PCTR is one-sided and the cutting edge length is 4 mm. The cutting edge is positive and has a smoothing geometry of the Wiper. It is manufactured in well known SUMO TEC carbide.

The key element of the milling design is the method of clamping such small plates without the risk of loss. The inserts are fastened by means of a tapered screw and it is not necessary to completely screw out the thread when turning the cutting edge. Because the insert is very small, insertion into the bed is done using a magnetic nose wrench.

The tools are suitable for 90 ° shoulder milling with a recommended depth of 3 mm. When making pockets and cavities, you can use the option of ramp down the tool gently. The NAN tools are the smallest interchangeable marker tools on the market. There is no scraping of such tools, and the technical boundary of the rapid blade interchangeability has shifted downwards.

Similarly, the well-proven ISCAR SUMO CHAM drilling tools are currently developing. There, the diameter of the quick-change drill head is set to 5 mm.

CUT GRIP WHISPER LINE – Solutions in problematic grooving and parting

ISCAR tools of series Whisper and Grooving tools referred to as grooving and parting are tuned or dampened tools that provide effective solutions for eliminating vibrations. The popular Whisper series offers a number of key benefits to increase productivity and achieve significant cost savings when grooving and parting.

How does it work?

Vibrations occur as a result of several factors: machine and clamping system rigidity, part shape, cutting tools, insert design and cutting parameters. In many cases, especially in deep grooving applications, it is not possible to design cutting tools that avoid vibrations in a conventional way. ISCAR’s new WHISPERLINE blade features a damping unit that absorbs vibrations and enables a stable machining process even at high cutting conditions. The damping unit is located under the insert pocket. It consists of two plates situated in a rhombic frame, connected by a screw that pushes the plates against the walls through an O-ring.


  • Reaches a new range of grooving depths at which other conventional blades cannot function
  • Machining at higher cutting conditions, which increases productivity
  • Less vibrations increase dramatically insert tool life. This advantage can be used also at lower grooving depths
  • Excellent surface finish
  • Internal frontal cooling (K-Type) improves insert tool life and chip evacuation

LOGIQ-4-FEED Small Diameter Fast Feed Tools Carrying Inserts with Four Cutting Edges

ISCAR introduces LOGIQ-4-FEED small diameter fast feed tools carrying narrow inserts with four cutting edges. The new FFX4…-04 tools provide an economical solution for a wide range of applications.

Are available in the following configurations:

  • FFX4 ED – endmills in 12, 16, 20, 25 and 32 mm diameters, cylindrical and Weldon shank types
  • FFX4 ED-MM – 16 mm diameter interchangeable milling head with MULTI-MASTER adaptation
  • FFX4 ED-M – interchangeable milling heads with FLEXFIT adaptation in 20, 25, 32 and 35 mm diameters
  • FFX4 FD – face mills in 32 and 40 mm diameters

The tool features a 17˚ cutting edge angle, ramping down capability, a positive axial rake angle, and a 1.8 mm radius for programming, ensuring a fine pitch due to the narrow insert width as well as very firm insert clamping. Coolant holes are directed to each individual cutting edge for an efficient cooling effect, while polish coating on the cutter’s body provides better chip flow and protection from corrosion and wear.

The FFX4 XNMU 040310… insert is double-sided with 4 cutting edges, providing a 0.8 mm maximum depth of cut and a high positive rake angle for easy cut. Two types of cutting geometries facilitate optimal machining of different materials: “T” for steel, ferritic and martensitic stainless steel and hardened steel, and “HP” for austenitic stainless steel and high temperature alloys.

The tools provide high metal removal rates and are produced from ISCAR’s latest SUMOTEC carbide grades to ensure high productivity. Suitable for machining the main types of workpiece materials, the LOGIQ-4-FEED tools offer an optimal solution for roughing operations in the die & mold industry (machining narrow cavities), general engineering, and the aerospace industry.

The fourth generation of the Industrial Revolution revealed new standards and requirements for metal machining.

Visit ISCAR on MSV 2018 at stand no. 37 in Hall F and see how many LOGIQ tools really make sense and help optimize cutting tool.


Date: 7 Sep 2018 11:00:00

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7.-11.10. 2019

7.-11.10. 2019


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