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4.-7.10. 2022

International Engineering Fair

Interesting features of the edition


Due to a high concentration of professionals, the International Engineering Fair is a sought-after opportunity to showcase the most progressive developments in the present industrial world. Visitors can see with their own eyes and get acquainted with the latest news and information directly from the experts present. What is it that you should not miss this year?

On Tuesday 30 September, the conference "3D Printing - Trends, Experience and Business Opportunities" that will build on last year's very successful debut takes place in Hall E. Due to the presence of the leading suppliers of 3D technologies on the world market, this is a key event for anyone who focuses on the use of advanced technology for more efficient prototype development and more productive manufacturing. This year's event puts emphasis on user experience and the practical benefits of using 3D technology. Participants will get to know for example the first mountain bike made of titanium alloy through 3D printing. Subcontractors in the automotive industry, engineers, designers and users of 3D applications for modelling and designing as well as others interested in 3D technology for the development of various products are invited to participate in the conference. The conference is again accompanied by an exhibition of products from 3D printers, which will be even larger than last year and will include more partners. You can visit the Gallery of 3D Technology throughout the fair in Hall A1.


Hall A1 will again offer a showcase of the most interesting results of research and development projects at technical universities. The project "Technology Transfer and Innovation" is held at MSV for the sixth time and it is the largest concentrated offer of domestic scientific and research capacities for industrial use. Representatives of manufacturing enterprises can get an overview of the research community and the possibilities of mutual cooperation all in one place. This year’s participants will include the Czech Technical University in Prague, Slovak Technical University Bratislava, Technical University of Liberec, Brno University of Technology, Technology Agency of the Czech Republic and other entities. Visitors to the stand of the Brno University of Technology will for example encounter several extremely attractive exhibits: an experimental electric aircraft named VUT 051 RAY, a mobile rLIBS laboratory for rapid non-contact element analysis of objects in the field produced by the CEITEC VUT research centre, a thermal mannequin etc. Interest in joint research projects has again been expressed by Germany. The Czech-German Chamber of Commerce organizes on this occasion a “Czech-German Technology Symposium – Innovative Technology in Engineering” on Wednesday, 1 October. Lectures will focus on practical experience of companies’ cooperation with universities and research institutions and examples of innovative technologies in engineering; the symposium will also include cooperation talks with German companies.

For the fourth time, the successful MSV Job Fair is being prepared and will be held on Thursday, 2 October; invitations went to job applicants including students, who are looking for example for an internship in a technical field. Job opportunities in engineering, power engineering and other related fields will be offered by more than twenty exhibitors in Hall A2. Traditional participants will include companies such as Aero Vodochody, Erwin Junker, Bomar, Hanácké železárny a pérovny, Hofmann Personal or Poclain Hydrulics. There is a new Main Partner, the company Heat Transfer Systems. The MSV Job Fair will also include a specialist supporting programme, prepared by the staff of Flow-r recruiting company, focusing on traditional themes: how to prepare for an interview, how to succeed in it, how to stand out and bring added value to others.

The quality of the upcoming generation of experts will be examined by the traditional Young Engineers Competition In CNC Machine Tools Programming with the purpose of promoting technical education and interest of young generation in technical fields. A learning Centre in Hall A1 is organized by the Association of Engineering Technology, young contestants produce a programme made directly on site according to a provided drawing and within a specified time limit. The best results of their work will be directly applied on the exhibited machines and winners will take away a workpiece produced through their programme.


Date: 28 Sep 2014 19:30:00

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