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5.-9.10. 2020

International Engineering Fair

HRSflow at MSV Brno 2018: Tailored hot runner solutions for demanding technical parts


At MSV Brno 2018 (Hall G1, Stand 20), HRSflow will be demonstrating the universal application of its FLEXflow technology - the servo driven valve gate systems for 360° flow control and monitoring - and other innovative hot runner solutions for complex, high-quality parts. The applications on display will range from the automotive to the non-automotive industry.

At the center of this year's MSV Brno fair presentation by hot runner specialist HRSflow will be applications of its FLEXflow technology of servo-electric driven valve gate solutions, jointly developed with global partners. Real application. The picture of FLEXflow Technology is for illustration purpose only. © HRSflow

Lightweight and innovative solutions for the automotive industry

In cooperation with the injection molding machine manufacturer KraussMaffei and the US toolmaker ProperTooling, HRSflow has developed and optimized a hot runner system for the production of an automotive lightweight center armrest manufactured in a multi-stage process. The load-bearing structure is created from a thin-walled, fiber-reinforced organosheet, using the FiberForm process developed by KraussMaffei. First of all, this is over-molded with polypropylene (PP) and finally with a thermoplastic elastomer (TPV), whereby a soft, finely grained visual surface is formed. Injection molding is carried out with two FLEXflow hot runner systems with two (first phase) and three (second phase) hot runner nozzles. The servo-electrically driven, individually controlled valve pins ensure optimum cavity filling and enhance process reliability and cost effectiveness.

Visitors will experience also HRSflow Diamond Lux Line used for the innovative LED lenses made of PMMA with a thickness of 22 mm for vehicle headlamps. Produced in cooperation with ENGEL, for both partners, the main challenge is producing thick-walled lenses combining high optical quality with highly efficient production. Initially, a preform is produced and further layers of the same material added to it in subsequent stages. Overmolding compensates for any sink marks in the surface of the previous layer and achieves high optical quality.

Low weight toolbox

An example of an innovative housing shown at MSV Brno is a toolbox made of microcellular foam, which is characterized by a low weight. Its production is based on the FoamPro foaming process from development partner Yizumi, and a FLEXflow triple-nozzle hot runner system from HRSflow with back-injection. The finished part is characterized by a high-quality, finely structured surface. The ability to individually control the pressures and flow velocities at each gate makes the FLEXflow technology an optimal solution for large and small applications, even with thermoplastics that are very difficult to process.

Innovative valve gate solution

On display at MSV Brno the innovative HPgate: the quality-enhancing, cost-saving valve gate solution for manufacture of high-quality parts without flash. Compared to the conventional versions, the gate is machined on a hardened metal insert produced by HRSflow itself. This insert is simply screwed into the mold, so it’s very easy to replace it in the event of wear. The innovative solution is suitable for direct injection on PMMA surfaces, as well as for reinforced materials, to optimize gate quality and avoid flashes. Moreover, it simplifies the machining operations of the seat of the mold in the gate area allowing a high gate quality during the whole lifetime of the mold. Main benefits include: improved gate quality compared to standard conical and cylindrical configurations, easier machining operations for the moldmaker, easy gate maintenance, no puckering risks, wider process window and faster set-up operations.

About HRSflow

HRSflow (www.hrsflow.com) is a division of INglass S.p.A. (www.inglass.it), headquartered in San Polo di Piave/Italy. It is specialized in the development and production of advanced and innovative hot runner systems for the injection molding industry. The group of companies has more than 1,100 employees and is present on all the major global markets. HRSflow produces hot runner systems at its European headquarters in San Polo di Piave/Italy, in Asia at its plant in Hangzhou/China and at its facility in Byron Center near Grand Rapids, MI, USA.

Contact and further information
HRSflow, Via Piave 4, 31020 San Polo di Piave (TV), Italy
Phone: +39 0422 750 111, Email: info@hrsflow.com, www.hrsflow.com
Erica Gaggiato, Communication Dept.
Phone: +39 0422 750 120, Email: erica.gaggiato@inglass.it

Date: 6 Aug 2018 15:25:00

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5.-9.10. 2020

5.-9.10. 2020

5.-9.10. 2020

5.-9.10. 2020

5.-9.10. 2020

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