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7.-11.10. 2019

International Engineering Fair

Hotset ČR s.r.o.


Optris® PI LightWeight kit

Optris GmbH’s newest system optris® PI Light-Weight has been specially developed for deployment in micro drones to measure temperatures from the air. For first time ever it is now possible to record and edit high-quality radiometric infrared videos. optris® PI LightWeight is a kit composed of a light-weight PC from the optris® PI NetBox family and an optris® PI 400/PI 450 infrared camera, ideally fitted with a 62° wide-angle lens.

With a total weight of only 380 g the unit was designed specifically for deployment in micro drones.

The system offers full radiometric infrared inspection with 382 x 288 pixels at 12 ms per image. A 20 Hz video signal is generated during inspection flights and radio-transmitted to the UAV operator. In

parallel, radiometric imagery is stored on a SDHC memory card at a frequency of 35 Hz. A GigE interface

is provided to download the video from the light-weight PC after the flight. The package is rounded off by the versatile optris® PI Connect software for data recording and analysis. Connection of a HD video camera is supported via an additional USB port.

Nowadays we have a new lightweight set with resolution of 640 x 480 pixels available.

For the first time, a parallel use of patented laser and video sight for optimized sensor alignment in non-contact temperature measurement is possible.

Innovative video pyrometers optris® CSvideo 2M and CTvideo series for hard-to-reach and hot processes

The video pyrometers optris® CSvideo 2M, optris® CTvideo 1M/2M and optris® CTvideo 3M are state-of-the-art digital infrared thermometers with video sighting. Our new video pyrometers allow an easy sensor alignment through a PC or tablet. Thus, the innovative infrared thermometers with video sighting are ideally suitable for temperature measurements of hard-to-reach processes and applications, where the measuring object is too hot for the laser sighting to be visible.

New on the market: the small est VGA-resolution infrared camera worldwide

Thermal imaging camera optris® PI 640 records radiometric video imagery at an optical resolution of 640x480 pixels. Right now, the newly developed thermal imager optris® PI 640 is the smallest VGA-resolution infrared camera worldwide.

What’s more, the PI 640 offers an excellent price/performance ratio. The camera sells at a price of €6,800 and includes a comprehensive software package for thermographic analysis.

Compact temperature measuring device

With a body sized 45 x 56 x 90 mm and weighing only 320 grams (lens included), the optris® PI 640 counts among the most compact thermal imaging cameras on the market. Compared to other cameras of a similarly small size, it is the only one that permits recoding of radiometric video imagery at 32 Hz and a VGA resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. It offers a thermal sensitivity of 75 mK.

For more information visit  www.hotset.cz or www.optris.de

Date: 9 Jun 2015 12:48:00

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7.-11.10. 2019

7.-11.10. 2019


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