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Hoffmann Qualitätswerkzeuge CZ, s.r.o.


GARANT ToolCar – aesthetic and functional

The GARANT ToolCar provides central locking for the drawers and the side compartment. The back of the side compartment consists of a GARANT perforated panel, to which GARANT Easyfix holders and hooks for the tool holder can be attached. Optionally, the side compartment can also accommodate a Schuko socket for power chargers, power tools or optional lighting.

The GARANT ToolCar has fully extendable drawers to ensure that workers can conveniently remove tools. On request, the drawers are also available with self-closing and damping. A central release with anti-tilt device in the handle allows easy opening and prevents the car from tipping when several drawers are opened at the same time.

The wheels of the new ToolCar have a larger diameter compared to the predecessor model, stabilising handling. An ergonomically designed push handle makes it easier for employees to move even under extreme conditions. This makes the GARANT ToolCar a reliable companion in the workshop.

It was awarded the internationally renowned iF Design Award, Red Dot Award a German Design Award.


„Click & clamp“ with the GARANT Xtric centring vice

The new centring vice from the Hoffmann Group is equipped with a new chuck jaw quick-change system which enables easy, quick and tool-free changeover as well as interchange accuracy in the micrometre range with a click mechanism. Top jaws that can be rotated by 180 degrees allow a large clamping range and high variability when fixing components. For clamping using multiple GARANT Xtrics, the centre can be adjusted precisely in order to achieve top precision. Since the maximum clamping force of up to 25 kN is actually applied to the component and there is barely any jaw and component lift, the GARANT Xtric is suitable both for clamping blanks and finished parts. Pre-stamping of the components is not required, and time savings of 50 percent are thus possible when setting up.

Thanks to its rotating top jaws, it provides a particularly large clamping range from 0 to 144 millimetres in the case of the model 80S, and 0 to 194 millimetres in the case of the model 80M. All models are alternatively available with pivot jaws. They contribute to a significant increase in process reliability.

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Date: 6 Sep 2019 10:29:00

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8.-12.11. 2021


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