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1.-5.10. 2018

International Engineering Fair

Hexagon Metrology s.r.o.

PAV F 039

AICON PrimeScan
The Perfect Configuration For Each Application

The scanner line AICON PrimeScan offers 24 fixed configurations with different resolutions and measuring fields – the perfect solution for every measuring task. It is equipped with either blue-light technology for industrial applications or white-light technology for scanning with additional colour information as required in arts, culture and design.

The AICON PrimeScan has a compact design: the base area equals a DIN A4 sheet, and the scanner weighs about 4 kg only. The working distance is short. Thus, the AICON PrimeScan is the ideal device for easy and uncomplicated scanning in special application areas, as for example on a desktop or in a narrow environment like industrial surroundings. Correspondent accessory enables both automated measurements and easy acquisition of large volumes.


Datum: 22 Jun 2017 11:03:00

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1.-5.10. 2018

1.-5.10. 2018

1.-5.10. 2018

1.-5.10. 2018

1.-5.10. 2018

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