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GUMEX, spol. s r.o.

Hose that is in a container made of foam PVC, preventing the abrasion and serving as thermal insulation.
The hose is equipped with an automatic device thermoregulation. Between the tube and the thermal insulation is wound article composed of two wires. Automatic temperature control is controlled by a thermocouple. When the temperature changes varies the resistance between wires, changes in the value of current flowing through this article. The more current flows through the wire, the more the hose and the medium in the transported, heated.
Said application is suitable for 230 V, and can reach a maximum temperature of 40 °C
This application is taught for transporting water in extreme arctic conditions and was developed specifically for mobile devices Swedish army.
This is not a standard application, if the customer demanded something similar, it is always necessary to know what kind of fluid, temperature, and length dimensions in question.
Such application based on specific demands of customers, depending on their requirements for use.
Generally speaking, the system described above has been developed for delivery of liquids at specific temperature conditions.

 Using the laminating apparatus
Using the laminating apparatus can be provided with printed materials of compact or microporous rubber adhesive layer. Sticker form adhesive layer applied on the carrier film. To improve the mechanical properties of the adhesive layer may be still reinforced grid. In this manner, adhesive layer can be laminated also on other materials such as leather, artificial leather, plastic and textile material. Layer can also be applied simultaneously from both sides. The maximum width of the laminated material is 1,500 mm.

Shaped cutting
Shaped cutting is performed multiple-tool head with special knives disposed on a movable portal. The material is placed on the table of dimension 1,550 mm x 1,550 mm with a sliding belt conveyor. This allows you to cut material longer than the working area of the table. On site, the material is held under pressure generated by a vacuum pump. The entire process is controlled automatically by the program developed. Maximum thickness sawn microporous rubber is 100 mm. Plotter can cut except rubber and leather, foil, fabric, felt, paper, plastics and various types of packaging and insulation materials, including applied adhesive layer.



Date: 10 Jan 2016 09:18:00

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