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8.-12.11. 2021

International Engineering Fair

The future of aviation fuels will depend on oil recycling

Ecological reduction of the carbon footprint and achieving global sustainability in the aviation industry – that is exactly what Czech Technical University and GE Aviation Czech started cooperating on five years ago. Together they are testing the use of SAF, a special synthetic fuel that could replace traditional fossil fuels in the future. Michal Valášek, Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU), and Milan Šlapák, CEO of GE Aviation Czech, signed a declaration on further cooperation at the International Engineering Fair today. CTU exhibits at MSV 2021 in Hall V.

Over the last five years, four ground test facilities for aircraft engines have been built in the Czech Republic in cooperation with the Czech Technical University and GE Aviation Czech. Researchers want to demonstrate the properties of a GE Catalyst engine using an approved SAF compound in these test rooms. This engine is the first turboprop engine designed completely anew in 50 years. These types of engines are mainly used for regional flights. GE Catalyst has fully integrated control, higher range and 20% lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Twelve of its parts are also made on a 3D printer. "The engine uses higher pressures and works at higher temperatures. There are also air-cooled blades, which are normally not used in these smaller turboprop engines," added Šlapák. Catalyst could thus be described as the engine of the aviation future, which is based on sustainability.

The SAF synthetic fuel, which is an exemplary prototype of circular economy, will also be used for experiments. "We are currently testing SAF in the 40:60 mixture ratio with fossil fuel. In the future, we would like airplanes to fly only on SAF," said Valášek. This year, the total share of SAF is only 1% of the total aviation fuels used.

The combinations of the new engine and SAF is already being tested on a test aircraft, which has been on for more than 1,300 hours. "The testing facilities at Hradec Králové airport will be hosting new SAF tests starting next year, while a joint team of experts and engineers from GEAC and CTU has already started preparatory work for this. Our new Catalyst engine is really ready to open a new era in the general aviation segment," added Šlapák.


Date: 8 Nov 2021 15:45:00

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8.-12.11. 2021

8.-12.11. 2021


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