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For the fifth time, MSV became the venue for the largest Czech 3D printing conference


The latest trends in additive production of metal, plastic and composite parts were presented by representatives of 17 companies, and 340 people in the audience were presented with the possibilities of using these advanced technologies to streamline prototype development and more productive production in Czech workspace.

The conference focused primarily on practical applications of additive production in engineering and technical areas and showed 3D printing as a full-fledged industry with dynamic growth. The participants were informed about a number of impressive and useful innovations in professional 3D printing, which is becoming more and more accessible even for smaller companies and individuals. These include, for example, the technology by American company Desktop Metal, which substantially reduces the 3D printing of metal parts that can be used in engineering. The British company Renishaw brought a new system for metallic 3D printing of powdered materials for industrial use to Brno; its equipment uses multiple lasers and safe automatic recycling of powder. A promising 3D composite material printer that combines great strength and light weight, the latest one by Hewlett-Packard - a compact 3D printer for producing full-colour, resistant nylon products. The new HP Jet Fusion technology enables serial production of tens of thousands of parts at a cost competitive with, for example, plastic moulding. Arburg, the new partner of the conference, has stirred attention with a presentation of Freeformer device for 3D printing from standardized industrial granules.

The main trends on the global market of additive production were presented at the beginning of the conference by its organizer Jan Homola, Vice President of the Aditive Production Cluster and the owner of the New Media publishing house. The 3D printer market continues to grow dynamically, in double-digit numbers. Last year, it was worth about 150 billion CZK, and 3D printing firms improved their sales by about 21% year-on-year. "The devices with the highest added value, printers for 3D printing of metals, are the market leaders today. Interest in them almost doubled between 2016 and 2017. New technologies are introduced that bring new and much cheaper ways of printing metals," explains Jan Homola. Most 3D printers as separate units, however, continue to be sold in the category of desktop printers that can be purchased for several thousand Crowns. "Last year, more than half a million desktop 3D printers were sold at prices under five thousand USD. They are no toys for the production of curiosities, but in the hands of designers and technologists they become a full-fledged tool. Many companies declare that their investment in a desktop 3D printer with a cost of 100 to 150 thousand Crowns can return in three days, virtually with the first order, saving up to hundreds of thousands," says Jan Homola of the real experience of Czech companies. How fast 3D printing is established on the global market is best illustrated by a graph of growth in printing material consumption. "It's a really steep growth in demand, which is confirmed by Czech suppliers. At least in the category of plastic parts, today's suppliers make more turnaround in material than in 3D printers," says the expert.

The success of Czech companies is proof of the dynamic growth in the additive manufacturing industry. "Josef Průša is a global and one of the world's largest manufacturers of 3D printers today. During the past five years, he has built a company that is close to one billion CZK in turnover and sells six to seven thousand 3D printers per month. They could sell even more, but they are limited by the capacity of staff and deliveries of parts," explains Jan Homola, also recalling the successful Czech brand Fillamentum or the development of a turbojet engine produced by 3D printing by GE Aviation Czech. The partners of the conference also included the Czech company Innomia – probably the most successful supplier of printing equipment for powder-based production in the Czech Republic and a global supplier of these technologies.

The fifth "3D Printing - Trends, Experience and Business Opportunities" conference organized at MSV in Brno is one of the largest of its kind in Europe. For the past five years, Jan Homola has organized a total of ten 3D printing conferences, which have been attended by more than 2500 participants. The 340 attendants of the MSV 2018 conference mainly included engineers, designers and users of 3D applications for modelling or design, also automotive suppliers, engineering company managers, college students, and people interested in 3D technology for product development. A fifth of the participants are ‘returning customers’  to the 3D printing conference and six people who have not missed a single one so far, have received a reward in Brno. The interesting fact is that one of the rewarded participants of these conferences has begun attending as a student, but this year, he was already a representative of the Desktop Metal conference partner company.

Most partner companies also regularly participate in the 3D Printing Conference during MSV. The general partner, MCAE Systems, was there already at the start of the conference five years ago. EOS is the second major partner, also present was Stratasys, which is behind the invention of today's most popular 3D printing technology. SolidVision have introduced a new printer at the conference and the anteroom exhibitors included, among others, TRILAB, the Czech manufacturers of delta 3D printers, or representatives of TRUMPF who offer laser technologies for additive production. Kovosvit MAS introduced the conference participants to a hybrid machining and 3D printing machine, which won the MSV Gold Medal last year. Technical universities actively involved in 3D printing were also represented: next to ČVUT Praha and BUT in Brno also the specialized department of Palacký University in Olomouc UPrint3D and the Protolab at VŠB TU Ostrava.

Date: 3 Oct 2018 14:15:00

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