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7.-11.10. 2019

International Engineering Fair

FOND-EX 2018 will show trends in foundry production


Together with the 60th jubilee International Engineering Fair, the 17th International FOND-EX Foundry Fair will also take place this year. A showcase of the latest technology will show trends in the industry, which is constantly improving casting quality and manufacturing productivity. Foundries struggling with the shortage of workers will be looking for innovative solutions linked to the arrival of Industry 4.0.

The foundry industry, as a traditional industry in the Czech Republic, undergoes a significant change. Casting manufacturers respond to growing demand from customers for higher quality castings, whether in terms of material composition, precision or physical properties. Grey cast iron is increasingly replacing e.g. ball-grain cast iron, and trends in automotive production demand thin-walled pressure-cast aluminium castings. At the same time, the Czech foundry industry has been facing a shortage of workers for a long time. In order for the foundries to fulfil their orders, they have to invest more intensely into new technologies that increase the quality of production, reduce physical labour, and replace workers in some part. Automation, robotization, and digitization of production are the order of the day. Totally new possibilities open up thanks to advances in 3D printing of both sand moulds and metal parts. There is a material shift in structural components where iron metals are increasingly replaced by non-ferrous metals, but also by plastics, carbon fibres and composites. All these changes call for growth in workers' skills, which, together with new production facilities, can offset a steady decline in the total number of foundry staff.

Trends in foundry production are presented every two years at the International Foundry Fair FOND-EX, which is the most important show not only for the Czech market. Its 17th  edition will take place in Brno from 1 to 5 October 2018. Exhibitors of the FOND-EX trade fair have their traditional venue in Pavilion Z, where they can build on and deepen personal contacts with business partners. As the key customers of castings include manufacturers of machine tools, electric motors, pumps, hydraulics, power engineering equipment, etc., the FOND-EX participants can benefit from the connection with other industrial fairs. Several important  trade fairs will take place at the same time: the 60th International Engineering Fair, the 11th IMT International Trade Fair of Machine Tools and Forming Machines, the 24th WELDING International Welding Technology Fair, the 7th PROFINTECH International Trade Fair for Surface Treatment Technologies and the 6th PLASTEX International Trade Fair of Plastics, Rubber and composites. The main theme of this year's edition is Industry 4.0 - Automation, Robotics, Digitization.

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7.-11.10. 2019

7.-11.10. 2019


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