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5.-9.10. 2020

International Engineering Fair

Feedback from exhibitors


Carl Fruth, majority owner, 4ISP:
Although our company 4ISP is a relative newcomer to MSV – we are only exhibiting for the third time – this year we rented the whole pavilion Y only for ourselves. We welcomed over ten thousand customers who were most interested in fibre lasers for cutting. Overall, we concluded contracts worth twenty five million and sold twelve machines directly at the fair.

Zbyněk Ludačka, executive, Ludačka Machine Tools s. r. o.:
This year's fair was a success; we signed a contract with the company ZKL Brno, a. s. in the amount of 1.5 million euros directly at the fair. Attendance at the fair was good; you could see that interest in MSV increased on the part of exhibitors. Like every year, we have used it for business meetings and a number of other negotiations and we gained an overview of innovations in the engineering industry.

Petr Vladík, business manager, DMG Mori Czech s. r. o.:
I can only speak positively about the fair; the company liked this year's MSV very much. We presented 14 machines in Halls P and Z and all of them were new or upgraded. Business meetings were held continuously one after the other. We were visited by a number of existing as well as new customers and we have established new contacts. We were satisfied.

Marek Hala, CNC division sales manager, Tajmac ZPS, a. s.:
Attendance in Brno was good as usual. Brno holds a very good standard, be there a crisis or not. And when the market runs well, it is always crowded. Every year we normally have some two hundred meetings and try to introduce our technology. This goes especially for the machine that won the gold medal this year. Moreover, we have been meeting with dealers not only from the Czech Republic but also from other countries. MSV is Europe's best trade fair of its kind in terms of attendance.

Stanislav Kovanda, business manager, Yamazaki Mazak Central Europe:
We have been on the Czech market since 2012; our exhibition has been growing in Brno every year since then. We present more and more machines, because customers have gotten used to seeing us and coming here. Year after year, we have more visitors; we keep our statistics about the trade fair in Brno, with specific questions on machines. Interested customers visit us all ready with designs and demand our products. The company was very pleased with the fair. We even sold one machine to a customer from the Slovak Republic worth about 180,000 euros. And that's just for a technology they showed us on drawings.

Pavel Kunert, sales representative, Alfleth Engineering, s. r. o.:
We were happy to come to Brno to introduce our new long-spinning automatic lathes. Attendance was even better than we expected. Our exhibition stand was visited by people who knew what it was about. The interest was great, the fair was successful for the company. It serves us to form new contacts, which we did. There were even customers from foreign countries, mostly from Slovakia and Austria.

Miroslav Morávek, marketing, Misan s. r. o.:
We have been exhibiting at the engineering trade fairs for twenty years. The services are of the highest standard by far. The company has been satisfied; the good thing is that we can reach new clients here. We introduced a novelty, a five-axis machine tool, which had its premiere in the Czech Republic. There was also interest in a technology of laser sintering of metal powder - this machine has also not been presented in the Czech Republic yet. The company was satisfied by the trade fair.

Karel Navrkal, sales representative, Ferrum s. r. o.:
We were happy with the number of visitors; we had a series of business meetings every day. We had guests at our exhibition stand who have been invited every year, but new customers found us as well. We have established new contacts with them, and we will evaluate within three months after the fair.

Václav Lacina, marketing manager, Festo, s. r. o.:
The trade fair was successful for the company, attendance of our stand was higher than the previous time – we visit the fair every two years. It is of benefit for us, because of keeping in touch with customers, whom we meet all in one place. We have brought virtually all sales representatives to Brno, together with technical support and a lot of products. We presented all our novelties.

Libor Kűmmel, head of business, Haberkorn Ulmer s. r. o.:
Our stand was visited by many interested customers; these were mostly existing customers, but some new ones have come too. I evaluate the fair as very positive; we established a number of new contacts. Moreover, we had some pre-arranged meetings, the fair was also visited by our company's suppliers, some even from abroad. That was a nice surprise for us. We like the arrangement of stands, which had a totally professional appearance.

Martina Hlaváčková, marketing specialist, RUBENA a. s.:
We are very satisfied with the exhibition; moreover, our stand in Hall V has an advantageous position. There were also a number of meetings with our customers. Our business reps were extremely satisfied as well since they gained new customers at the fair. Interest in our products has been considerable. We evaluate the fair very positively from the perspective of the company; we exhibit in two-year cycles.

Stanislav Růžička, head of marketing and promotion, Žďas, a. s.:
We belong to the regular participants of MSV; a proof of this is the high number of visitors to our stand. This year we changed owners and have been included among the largest companies in the world. This made the fair a sort of new experience for us. We were visited by top representatives of the company from China, with whom we merged. We were happy with our participation and the customers could convince themselves that we are a strong company and virtually nothing has changed towards customers. I must say that the fair has a higher level than last year.

Radek Kopecký, Contact-Contract Manager, Regional Chamber of Commerce Brno:
There were over 600 meetings that took place within two days. We had, for example, a large group from Turkey here, from Russia, there were a lot of Slovak companies, and 13 Korean exhibitors were also involved. I think the event was extremely successful; the ratio of Czech and foreign companies was balanced and thus the added value of cross-border meetings was substantial.

Jan Homola, organizer of professional forums, Nová média publishing:
A record number of 477 registered attendees at a conference on 3D printing showed that Czech companies are really interested in this topic. It was probably the largest conference of its kind also on a European scale. The first edition of a conference titled Forum of industrial robotics was also well attended, there were 120 registered visitors. The topic of the so-called cooperative robotics is a huge trend. I would bet that we will see dozens of cooperative robots here at MSV in a year, as we predicted with 3D printers three years ago.

Michaela Zachová, EQUICom, organizer of the Packaging Live project:
This year, we have compiled and presented a special packaging line made of the novelties and the most modern machines and technologies from individual exhibitors, titled DENSO PACKAGING LIVE thanks to collaboration with the general partner - the company GABEN and TOYOTA DENSO, a Japanese manufacturer of mobile terminals and sensors. The project is interesting among other things because the line operating at the trade fair wraps toys for children and a transport company will take them directly to kindergartens. After ten years, this is the first time we have brought the product packaging as far as distribution to a specified recipient.

Josef Hlavinka, Executive Director, Association of Foundries of the Czech Republic:
The stand of the Foundry Association is the largest by its area in the existence of the FONDEX fair; we have 16 member companies here. There are also other companies that are our members exhibiting nearby individually. We wanted to show an overview of how our industry has advanced. Although it is a purely traditional craft that is based on human skill, even here there are emerging trends, such as the already quite frequently mentioned Industry 4.0. Recently, foundries have been largely introducing information and control systems as there is stronger pressure on the quantity of castings, dates and quality.

Radek Vondráček, executive, ASK Chemicals Czech:
We supply products for foundries including a complete portfolio of foundry chemistry and in cooperation also some machinery. We always prepare two or the three novelties in foundry technology for the fair and customers respond accordingly. Our stand was visited by all of our major trading partners, thus the fair fulfilled its role in terms of meeting in a different environment, and we consider it a success.

David Hošák, sales manager, HŰTTENES-ALBERTUS CZ:
We are a big manufacturer that has been operating on the market for fifty years, so we are known by most visitors. For us, participation in the trade fair is a matter of course and above all a social event, where it is nice to meet with partners and say what we will continue doing together.

David Hulínský, sales director for Europe, Airtox, Denmark:
We have surprised many participants of the fair by exhibiting shoes among all the machines, but at this moment it is one of the most successful fairs for us that we attended this year, we’ve already been to Denmark or Germany for example. We did not expect such interest in working shoes and we think that we will repeat our presentation in the future. We had a lot of people come to us; we had enough customers interested, so now it will depend on concluded business as such. In terms of the interest we consider it a success.

Michal Buček, regional sales director, Ansell Healthcare Europe N.V.:
The fair fulfilled what we expected from it. We focus on manufacturing protective gloves, and our most important customers are companies from industry sectors, who can use our gloves, and those did come to our stand. Every day our stand was crowded by the stroke of nine and we acquired several dozen contacts.

Jiří Malůš, executive, DATRON-TECHNOLOGY s. r. o.:
I am very satisfied by the fair this year. I was pleased that in addition to Czech and Slovak customers we had foreign ones from Poland and Hungary. It can be partly attributed to our novelty, DATRON NEO, which we presented in the Czech and Slovak premiere as our latest achievement in the field of machine tools. It revolutionizes the operation of the machine tool, and its control touchpad had swarms of visitors around it.

Jiří Duda, director of foundry division, VESUVIUS SLAVIA, FOSECO:
This fair has met our expectations. Regarding attendance, we have met the majority of our major customers here, thus the fair has fulfilled its purpose from our perspective. Unfortunately, we see the number of FONDEX exhibitors decreasing. Perhaps it would be worth encouraging foundry businesses to participate, so that FONDEX would not disappear from the Engineering Fair.

Date: 7 Oct 2016 16:07:00

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