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5.-9.10. 2020

International Engineering Fair

FANUC Czech s.r.o.


The strongest robot in the world? It is called M-2000iA/2300
Industrial robots have great strength. However FANUC will present a robot that surpassed all others, including himself at this year‘s engineering fair in Brno. The strongest robot in the world is called M-2000iA/2300 and you‘ll be surprised how many kilograms can lift! M-2000iA/2300 opens up entirely new possibilities for your production, because it is faster and more flexible than crane machines for handling heavy loads.
A new addition to the family of the Japanese robot manufacturer is, after the most accurate robot in the world, another machine from Fanuc, which is the best in its business. It can famously defy gravity, there is no problem for him to lift, not only the original record 1.7 tons but equal to 2.3 tons.

The robotic arm reaches up to 3734 mm
Robotic arm of the strongest robot in the world has a great reach. Robot reaches distances up to 3734 mm and can perform simple and complex tasks. He can work on a large workspace with a high degree of accuracy.

Resists water and dust
The robotic arm and wrist of robot M-2000iA/2300 is dustproof and waterproof. Therefore it is suitable for working in harsh operating environments, the risk of damage through the environment is almost zero. Robot has good air cooling of the engine and therefore allows for high loads and intense work cycles. Thanks to the slim design of the robot arm, despite its size it has access into narrow spaces.
Come to see on your own eyes the strongest robot in the world on FANUC booth in Hall P.



Date: 10 Jan 2016 09:18:00

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5.-9.10. 2020

5.-9.10. 2020

5.-9.10. 2020

5.-9.10. 2020

5.-9.10. 2020

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