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1.-5.10. 2018

International Engineering Fair

Czechs want to introduce water made from the air at the EXPO exhibition in Dubai


EXPO 2020 will be the first world exhibition in the region of the Middle East, South Asia and North Africa. The central theme is "Bringing together ideas, creating the future". The participation of the Czech Republic at the EXPO World Exhibition held in Dubai, was the focus of a conference that took place at MSV in the Export House. It was organized by the Office of the Commissioner General for the Czech Republic's participation in Expo 2020.

The construction of the pavilion itself will introduce the development of technology for water production from the air using solar panels. This is the concept of Czech participation in this exhibition. Minister of Foreign Affairs Lubomír Zaorálek appointed Jiří František Potužník General Director for the Dubai Expo, as he already chaired the Czech representation at the World Exhibition in Milan and won the selection process in the spring for the upcoming Expo.

Czech scientists will try to complete a set of inventions so that the Czech Republic can build an oasis in the desert of Dubai. This is an interesting idea, because in Dubai, water is six times more expensive than petrol. Similar projects are being researched by scientists at the University of California at Berkeley or in the Netherlands. According to Potužník, the Czech Technical University (ČVUT) and the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic will participate in the project. According to the design, the pavilion should have the form of a giant umbrella, the roof of which would be fitted with solar panels, at the same time shielding the ground that would be irrigated by the water produced, thus helping to grow the moss to cultivate the desert. Czech scientists are working with Israeli colleagues to develop the moss.

The cost of the pavilion and the exhibition is 250 million crowns, another dozens of millions could be invested in the surroundings of the Czech building and the accompanying programmes. " The project is worth 160 million crowns directly from the budget, 70 million remained from Milan as unspent savings that we would like to use, and 20 million will be acquired from private sources, just like in Milan," Potužník described the financial resources of the project. According to him, the expenses of the state at world exhibitions are decreasing, since private investors are successfully involved. Water was one of the key themes of the Czech pavilion already in Milan. It was assembled from recyclable modules produced by Koma Vizovice. Inside, visitors got to know the Czech Republic, its regions and Czech achievements in science and modern technology.

According to Potužník, if everything goes well, the system will not only be a presentation of Czech know-how, but the patent should remain at CTU. "We hope that if it does, it will be a solution for other regions from Afghanistan to South America," Potužník added.

The preparation of the Expo is also linked to the completion of several gigantic projects in the Emirates that should be set up in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and are planned to be completed before the opening of the exhibition. For example, the ‘Museum of the Future: Always a step ahead’ that will stand near the Emirates Towers on the main thoroughfare, Sheikh Zayed Road. The latest technology will be used to build a progressive oval shape. Exhibits anticipating the future of science, technology and innovation will be changed every six months to keep up with changing trends. Another project, the Jewel of the Creek, will consist of apartment buildings, office towers, luxury hotels and holiday or congress centres. There will be also be a dance hall, shops and boat rentals. Thanks to its location at the Creek Bay, buildings can be surrounded by a water body, which is the longest swimming pool in the Middle East with its 400 metres. A billion-dollar project comprising the three best rated hotels (Westin, St Regis and W Dubai) is headed by the Westin hotel. The "city" will include a park for the La Perle water show, designed by the Italian-Belgian theatre director Franco Dragone, who works for example with Cirque du Soleil or with the singer Céline Dion. We can also look forward to the first Bentley Café.

There will also be interesting artificial islands of Deira. The four islands, called the "coastal city", include an Arab bazaar in the night market style, an amphitheatre for 30 000 spectators, a port for large yachts and more hotel resorts. Another gigantic project which will be implemented at the border between the Sharjah and Dubai Emirates is called Al Mamzar Beachfront. The 53 acres of Al Mamzar Lake will be surrounded by over 1 000 residences, 100 hotel rooms and 250 000 square meters of shops. And how about the largest marina in the Middle East or a lighthouse combined with a luxury hotel? All this is planned to be built in Dubai as part of the Dubai Harbour project. Those who own a yacht will be able to "park" in a port with 1 400 places – and those arriving by helicopter will be able to use one of the three helipads. The biggest attraction is the 135-metre-high Dubai luxury hotel-styled lighthouse with a viewing platform and a smooth façade that can be used as a projection screen for a film or a light show.

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1.-5.10. 2018

1.-5.10. 2018

1.-5.10. 2018

1.-5.10. 2018

1.-5.10. 2018

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