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10.-13.10. 2023

International Engineering Fair

Conference Biomorphic Industry

Changing the Paradigm of Industrial Production Using Artificial Intelligence and Other Digital Technologies

The Digital Factory 2.0 project will be complemented by the third annual international conference – this year under the title "Biomorphic Industry – Changing the Paradigm of Industrial Production Using Artificial Intelligence and Other Digital Technologies". The conference will focus on formulating a vision of the Czech economy using artificial intelligence as a key approach to digitisation on corporate and national basis.


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Conference Programme

9:00 Registration of visitors

9:30-11:00 Future of industry and Vision of Czech Economy in 2030 and Today

The main topic of the first conference block is the future of industry and the vision of the Czech economy with an emphasis on digital transformation of the industrial environment.

This block will start with remarks on the trends that have been prevailing in the Czech industry and its digital transformation over the last four years. Space will also be dedicated to the current situation in the energy sector and gradual deployment of advanced digital technologies in the energy management of companies.

Individual contributions will include opinions and experiences of state administration representatives – Ministry of Industry and Trade, as well as representatives of the Czech part of a large multinational corporation and a medium-sised Czech company expanding abroad.

There will also be an example of deployment of artificial intelligence algorithms for critical planning in one of the largest companies in the Czech Republic.

A panel discussion will follow, covering these topics:

  • efforts and courage to implement advanced digital technologies in companies of different sizes with different ownership structures,
  • willingness to collaborate with companies that are less digitally advanced, in order to make them strengthen their digital transformation, and
  • human resources and working with current and newcoming employees.

This block will feature: 

  • Jiří Holoubek                               
  • František Podzimek, Head of Digital Enterprise & Business Development, Siemens Digital Industries, Siemens, s.r.o., Czech Republic
  • Jaroslav Řasa, Founder of ABRA Software                                             
  • Petr Očko, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic
  • Lukáš Kousal, ŠKODA AUTO
  • Mikko Salminen, Head of Global Sales, Visual Components

11:15–12:45 Smart Data and Artificial Intelligence as Path to Biomorphic Industry

This panel will focus on three factors of advanced digitisation: smart data, assistive artificial intelligence, and the necessary standardisation to enable interoperability of production elements. The aim of the panel will be to outline the possibilities of the Czech industry and relevant digitisation technologies with regard to possible business expansion.

This block will feature:

Zdeněk Havelka: Machine consciousness – assisting in business management and planning

This lecture will outline how artificial intelligence assists in planning and managing production flow in times of constant change. A key element of success in extremely volatile times is the ability to respond quickly to an event in a process value-making concept.

Vlastimil Braun, Compas automatizace: standardisation as one of the key benefits of Industry 4.0

Standardised technical solutions bring compatibility to advanced automation and production control solutions, enabling collaboration and synergies among different suppliers in building "smart" factories. The contribution will highlight important I4.0 standards (data digital twin AAS, OPC UA, S88, S95) and their applications, enriched with real-life examples.

Michal Fichtner: Process-Organised Data for Production Planning and Control

This contribution will discuss the necessity of adequate data organisation for planning and management of a company. Existing systems (ERP, MES, etc.) organise data statically (mainly in relational databases) and syntactically - for dynamic production planning, data need to be organised with respect to semantics – process models of production and its planning can be the starting point for this way of data organisation.

Vlastimil Vodička: Using industrial enterprise data for marketing and international expansion

Lukas Ptoszek, Industry 4.0 Delivery Manager, Unikie: Průmysl 4.0 - data vs. intuice

Since graduation as civil engineering manager at Brno technical University, Lukas has been working with project deliveries in different roles, companies and positions. Currently he is responsible for Unikie's industrial project deliveries, where his knowledge from the steelmaking and construction industries is being used for understanding customer needs and delivering the most suitable solutions for Unikie’s clients.

13:15–14:45 Infrastructure of the 2030 Economy – Use of 5G/6G Technology and Networks in Manufacturing and Logistics Companies, and Cybersecurity

The third conference block will focus on the digital infrastructure that underpins digital factories, the risks associated with acquiring and operating this infrastructure, and financing options.

The key technology of future digital infrastructure is 5G, and in more remote future 6G technology, which, thanks to its characteristics, should fully cover the requirements of enterprises – both in terms of functionalities and availability, and in terms of security.

Contributions by individual panellists and the subsequent panel discussion will address the following topics in detail:

  • features, benefits, and availability of 5G technologies for industry and logistics, objectives of 6G technology development
  • present and future of public 5G networks and examples of specific applications for industry and logistics
  • present and future of private 5G networks and examples of specific applications for industry and logistics
  • specifics and regulatory framework for cybersecurity of digital infrastructure in industry and logistics
  • state aid- funding for digital infrastructure development

This block will feature:

  • Zbyněk Bolcek, Grant Thornton Advisory, Managing Partner                                            
  • Jan Hirš, T-Mobile Czech Republic, Leader of Industry 4.0 Domain
  • Petr Vítek, Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade, 5G Alliance                              
  • Michal Moroz, Critical Infrastructure Association of the CR, Executive Director                        
  • David Spies, Thein Digital, Portfolio Manager  
  • Martin Tůma, Account Manager Nokia Enterprise CZ & SK, Nokia Solutions and Networks Czech Republic, s.r.o.

15:00–16:30 Opportunities for Expansion of the Czech Economy

This block will feature:

  • Alena Burešová, National Centre for Industry 4.0, Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics, CTU
  • Michal Ukropec, CEO twinzo
  • Hendrik Taulin, Regional Lead FDI Central & Eastern Europe and Senior Investment Officer, Embassy of Canada to Germany
  • Craig Metcalfe, Ph.D., P.Eng., COO, Impact AI Inc.
  • Ing. Radim Adam, CSc., host 



Regional Lead FDI Central & Eastern Europe and

Senior Investment Officer, Embassy of Canada to Germany
Date: 23 Jun 2022 09:54:00

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