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7.-11.10. 2019

International Engineering Fair

Comau Czech s.r.o.


RACER 7-1.4

Exceptional Comau robot with a payload of 7 kg and a horizontal reach of 1400 mm. The robot, designed and manufactured using the latest technology and attention to detail, is the result of advanced manufacturing and industrial design. It is characterized by a compact size, excellent performance and due to lower ratios and innovative approach to software it is the fastest robot in its class. RACER is ideal for applications where speed and accuracy belong to the fundamental requirements, it provides a significant shortening of cycle times for maximum performance.

RACER is also a guarantee of lower consumption of energy due to the installed energy-saving system, which was developed in accordance with the principles of eComau energy management system.

Applications: Arc welding, Assembly, Cosmetic sealing, Dispensing, Handling/Packaging, Machine tending, Measuring/Testing, Polishing/Deburring.

RACER 999 – Setkání efektivity, výkonu a designu
With a range of 999 mm is this six-axis robot Racer 999 particularly suitable for applications with a limited space – assembly, handling, processing, packaging, etc. It has a payload of 7 kg, but it can carry up to 10 kg. It is the fastest robot in its class. It can be mounted on the floor, on the wall, on the ceiling or inclined constructions.

Comau also remembered the design and style. Racer 999 transforms the physiognomy of the human muscle to the geometric shape of the robot. Its dynamic lines are in direct relation to the speed and fluidity of movement.

Passion and beauty flow into the efficiency and technological perfection. Racer 999 may rely on E-motion software for movements optimizing and enhancing their fluency, which shortens cycle times by up to 25% compared with the previous robot generation.

Management (C5Compact), control panel (TP5), engines and spare parts are the same as for 7-1.4. This allows production savings and a maximum integration at the level of automation.

Smart5 – Arc4
Smart5 Arc4 represents a new generation of robots for arc welding. Arc4 is characterized by its excellent performance, flexibility and mainly modern technology "hollow wrist" that meets current market requirements – all dressing cables of the welding torch are housed inside the wrist and power consumption is significantly reduced with a strict respecting of environmental principles.

The six-axis robot has a capacity of 5 kg and a horizontal reach of 1950 mm. The mounting position is on the floor, on the ceiling or tilted (max. 45°).

Application: Arc welding, Spot welding, Assembly, Handling/Packaging, Machine tending, Measuring/Testing.


Office: Hornopolní 3308/40, CZ – 702 00 Ostrava

Date: 3 Jun 2015 13:52:00

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Transport and Logistics
7.-11.10. 2019

7.-11.10. 2019


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