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4.-7.10. 2022

International Engineering Fair

CED Közép-Európai Gazdaságfejlesztés Hálózat Nonprofit Kft.


The operative implementation of the export development of Hungarian small and medium enterprises aimed for the Central-European region is carried out by CED Közép-európai Gazdaságfejlesztési Hálózat Nonprofit Kft.

In the framework of such task, CED has representations in a total of 21 cities in countries neighbouring Hungary and Poland. CED will open its 22th Central-European representation in Brno, Czech Republic on October 7, 2019, with which it is now fully present in the V4 member countries. Owing to the new office, CED provides a new market and new business opportunities to Hungarian enterprises, while also mapping the sectoral segments and areas of cooperation that will create further export and investment opportunities to its partners.   

The rationale of opening the new office is justified by the fact that the Hungarian export activity aimed for the Czech markets has been dynamically expanding since 2010 on a continuous basis and has exceeded 4.6 billion euros in 2018, which indicates it clearly that the Czech Republic, with a market of approximately 10 million persons and one of the most developed economies of the region, is an outstanding target market for Hungarian undertakings.  

With all that in mind, and as a way of helping Hungarian companies enter foreign markets, CED Közép-európai Gazdaságfejlesztési Hálózat Nonprofit Kft. takes part for the first time on the MSV International Engineering Trade Fair held between October 7 and October 11, 2019 in Brno, with a collective national booth. CED provides a possibility to participate and exhibit on one of the most significant sector-specific professional events of the region also focusing of the solutions of Industry 4.0 for seven priority partners showcasing special engineering equipment and digital technological solutions.

CED exhibiting partners – MSV International Engineering Trade Fair

Bosko-Hidraulika Kft.

  • Company profile: designing, manufacturing and servicing standard and custom-made cylinders
  • Website: www.boskohidraulika.hu

Dendrit Mentor Kft.

Goodwill-Trade Kft.

Inno-cast Hungary Kft.

Mattor Automatika Kft

  • Company profile: automation, industrial maintenance, manufacturing parts
  • Website: www.mattor.hu

Rimóczi és Társa Kft.

SkyLine-Computer Kft.


Date: 27 Sep 2019 15:39:00

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