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Business Day of the Russian Federation


Today, the Business Day of the Russian Federation took place in the Rotunda of Hall A – a traditional platform for the exchange of information and promotion of Czech-Russian business cooperation. The main organizer of the meeting, the Chamber for Economic Relations with the CIS, brings together 135 companies and business entities. Speeches at the outset of the Business Day were held by the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic Jan Mládek and the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Czech Republic Alexander Vladimirovich Zmeyevskyi; he spoke among other things about the formation of a Russian export centre that represents a new system of export support. Both have positively evaluated the cooperation between the two countries at regional level.

"Cooperation with regions proved successful, it helps Czech companies and I am glad that presidents of the regions are active in this area," said the Czech Minister of Industry and Trade today. In his speech he reflected the mutual relations and the decline in trade, which is marked by a complex international political situation and which occurred mainly during the last two years. He identified the figures as a concern, since in 2015 there was a decrease in turnover by 36%, in imports by 42% and exports by 31%. In his words, this trend continues and it is a shame that the positive economic situation in the Czech Republic does not reflect in more exports to the Russian Federation and in mutual trade, which has been one of the goals of the current government.

This issue was also mentioned by Miloslav Stašek, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, who recalled the years 2003 to 1013, when bilateral trade between the Czech Republic and the Russian Federation increased tenfold. One of the ways to prevent further decline of the recent years, is the strengthening of economic diplomacy, and the ministry earmarked more funds in the next year for such projects. They will also strengthen economic sections of embassies with local economic staff. There is already, for example, a working this way in Moscow, focusing on the agrarian area.

Chairman of the Chamber for Economic Relations with CIS Jiří Demiš also talked about trade missions that help new contacts and good economic relations. The Chamber for Economic Relations with CIS is preparing several trips in cooperation with the ministries and the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic. In the coming months, it is especially a supporting business delegation with the Deputy Minister of Agriculture Jaroslava Beneš Špalková to Ufa in the Russian Federation (11 to 14 October), an MFA business mission to Yekaterinburg and Chelyabinsk (23 to 27 October) and also a business mission to Kazakhstan (Almaty, Astana, 20 – 22 November).

The Business Day of the Russian Federation included speeches by representatives of Russian companies and regions, such as the Ulyanovsk and the Sverdlovsk Region, from the Krasnodar Region or the Republic of Tatarstan; investment and export opportunities in the Ural region and Western Siberia were also presented. Among the twenty speakers there were also other representatives of Russian and Czech embassies, banking institutions, law firms and businesses.

Date: 4 Oct 2016 15:00:00

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