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4.-7.10. 2022

International Engineering Fair

BRANOPAC | Antalis


Hand Strapping Device MASTERLINE 481
Replacement of the success Masterline 480
The Masterline 481 is an all-purpose tool (due to its large tension scale ranging from 500–1,800 N) for universal use with both PET and PP strapping material.

OBAL ROKU 2016 – WrapPak GEAMI
Geami WrapPak is a one-of-a kind packaging material used for wrapping products that combines the elements of product protection and a unique in-the-box presentation of the wrapped items. As a 100% paper solution, it is the first truly sustainable alternative for plastic bubble wrap. Added value compared to competitive wrapping materials such as bubble wrap rolls: Speed: improves wrappings speed and overall packing throughput.
Presentation: unique in-the-box presentation enhances end customer experience.
Cost savings: reduce packaging materials and shipping cost.
For end customers who receive the packages with wrapped items it is easier to dispose of the packaging material in a responsible way, as it is mono-material (both the corrugated box and the paper wrapping material are paper based.

The simple way to eliminate damage, waste and downtime. Packing using foam-filled bags at the touch of a button. For tailored cushioning or the simple solution for superior protection. Instapak® is versatile, fast and efficient packaging.

PAV A2 029

Date: 11 Aug 2016 10:07:00

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