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5.-9.10. 2020

International Engineering Fair

BIBUS s.r.o.



The HAELOK System, invented and perfected in Switzerland, provides pure metal to metal sealing onto the tubing utilizing its uniquely formed wedge design. This unique pipe-connection system, without gaskets, ensures highly hermetic sealing for pipe dimensions from 6 mm up to 168.3 mm (6“).

Reliability and quality is machined into HAELOK System's unique design and it's paired with an unparalled ease of installation. For many different applications, various pipe diameters, materials and fluid contents HAELOK is "the perfect" fit and can supply the appropriate fitting for every job.

The Haelok System: Fitting and Press-Tool work perfektly hand-in-hand.

The hydraulic installation tool behind the world ́s strongest mechanical pipe connection, installs the HAELOK fittings in a few simple steps. It delivers everytime accurate, reliable and repeatable results, regardless of the fitting material or the mood of the installer. The HAELOK press tool generates form and restrained pipe joint up to 60(!) tons of axial pressure, forming a physical cold forming of pipe and fitting.

It ́s as strong as welding – but the only mechanical alternative.


This year our company BIBUS offers another widening of the product range of linear motion. With the completed range is our team of engineers able to provide solutions to all kind of applications with linear movements.

Linear guides 

  • Profile rails with balls or rollers
  • Round rails with ball bushings, special roller or sliding bearings
  • Roller guides and robust rollers with ball, roller or needle bearings
  • Telescopic guides

Linear modules 

  • Starting from micro sizes up to big and robust units
  • Driven by screw or belt
  • Guided by sliding technology, roller or ball guides
  • 2 types of covering for harsh environments

Linear actuators

  • With DC motors, AC motors, stepper or servo motors
  • Speeds up to 2,5 m/s as an alternative to pneumatic systems
  • Loads up to 60 kN as an alternative to hydraulic systems

Hand in hand with these applications go other industrial products from the broad portfolio from BIBUS company, such as screws (ball, ACME, lead screws), screw-jacks, gas springs, shock absorbers, pneumatic cylinders and others. You can find our contacts on our web pages. We are looking forward to.

Weightless off-center handling

The swedish company Hofpartner AB has developed a new type of lift, which fills a gap in the range of cranes available on the market. The new lift will ease many operations and contribute to a better work environment.

The lift consists of a column, an arm, and a gripper. Through a force sensitive handle, the arm follows the operator’s smallest movement up or down, making the handling weightless.

This is the best aid we have seen for the last 20 years, says Kristina Larsson, who works as an operator at Munksjö Paper in Sweden.

The arm has three joints and the operator moves the load manually in the horizontal plane. This design makes the handling very quick and ergonomic. The design also gives the operator full view of the load.

With the lift’s special design the handled load can be put into the machine from the side.

As an option the lift can be featured with locking of the joints, making the arm stand totally still when not held.

The lift is optimal to use for handling stock parts in and out of lathes and milling machines. It can be used for handling core shafts, pallets, sleeves, reels and more.

The market has shown a great interest in Liongrip®, which is the name of the lift. So far the lift has been sold in Sweden, Germany, Finland and Australia.

The lift is distributed in Check Republic by Bibus.

For more information contact Ing. Martin Báča, e-mail: baca@bibus.cz


Date: 8 Jun 2015 10:44:00

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5.-9.10. 2020

5.-9.10. 2020

5.-9.10. 2020

5.-9.10. 2020

5.-9.10. 2020

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