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ARC-H a.s.



  • new revolutionary welding source X8 MIG Welder
  • industrial multi-process welding solution for the future

It enables the best arc characteristics for high speed welding (WiseFusion), narrow gap (RGT), root pass (WiseRoot+), low spatter welding (WiseSteel), thin sheet (WiseThin), welding in long stick-out length (WisePenetration+).

  • The welding current is in range up to 600 A.
  • Fully compatible with the WeldEye system – software for comprehensive monitoring and control of welding production.
  • Easy welding parameters setting and digital WPSs access.

MasterTig new generation AC/DC TIG welding

Sets new standards for weld quality, usability and energy efficiency in AC and DC TIG welding.

To the 70th anniversary of its founding, the company Kemppi Oy has launched a new line of revolutionary welding power sources MasterTig, which is designed for the professional welders. It offers a range of power variants up to 300 A. Its modular design philosophy allows you to create a specification that best suits your needs, including alternative control panels, wireless remote controls and trolley options.

Stylish, practical and robust MasterTig absorbs the impact of everyday welding life. The compact size welding machine is made of hard but lightweight injection molded plastic with impact bar protective structures. Flexible, durable and adjustable Flexlite TX TIG torches are designed to fit MasterTig sources for maximum welding comfort.

Other advantages of the new MasterTig line include not only low weight, compact size and innovative gas cylinder loading plate, but also improved features that are far from common:

  • Weld Assist – up to 60% faster adjustment of the power source.
  • Double Pulse – accelerates the feed in DC applications and reduces heat input by up to 20% for faster welding and less material deformation.
  • Microtack – fast and accurate spot welding in both DC and AC welding. Ideal for multiple and repetitive bonding on thin layers, where a consistent and controlled weld appearance is crucial.
  • Itec – ignition technology for reliable arc ignition, the arc ignition energy variable can be set.
  • Memory channels – in the color panel variant, up to 99 memory channels can be saved per process to store the best parameters or values from WPS.

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Date: 1 Jun 2019 10:29:00

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8.-12.11. 2021


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