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Seven more enticements awaiting you at the fair


On Tuesday, we chose seven interesting displays for you at the Exhibition Centre that are worth a visit. The International Engineering Fair, however, offers a lot more. That is why we got back to the halls and come to you now with seven additional attractions you really should not miss.

A Kuka robot will fix you a 3D drink

We have already shown you models of 3D printing. But do you know that you can also print into drinks? A robot from the company Kuka is demonstrating this in Hall G1. Come taste a shot with an interesting motive.

A light show in the Chinese hall

Light spheres creating dynamic imagery can be viewed in the Chinese Hall A1. For example, you can see billowing Czech and Chinese flags, or moving serpents.

An ABB robot will send a letter from the fair

You can send your heartfelt greetings from the fair from the ABB stand in Hall G2. You will be assisted by their robot named YuMi, who will hand you a postcard, seal the envelope, write the address on it with its own hand, stick the stamp on it and finally drop the letter into the mailbox.

Welding with fancy glasses

Protective goggles are necessary when welding. But in Hall Z they will put utterly different glasses on your head – the ones for augmented reality. Try out virtual welding in there!

Meet live statues in Hall P

What will robots look like in the future? Will they be like humans? Look for a hint in Hall P, which is roamed around by a silver robot. And if you're lucky enough, you may come across a living statue of Fantomas.

3D printing used in the automotive industry

Are you wondering how the headlight of the latest Skoda Kodiaq SUV was created? Then head to Hall Z to the MCAE stand and peek under the lid of the manufacturing. Additionally, you will learn how to use 3D technologies, for example, in the reconstruction of a wheel rim for a vintage Skoda 130 car.

CTU will introduce ultralight aircraft

The only all-composite aircraft in the Czech Republic made of carbon prepregs in an autoclave is presented at the Czech Technical University’s stand in Hall Z. The aeroplane is ultra light and intended primarily for sport aviation. Thanks to the design of the aircraft, the pilot feels like flying on a jet plane.

Needless to say, the fair offers a lot more. Come and see us or follow us also on Facebook and you will not miss out on anything.

7 interesting exhibitions that you must visit at the fair

The International Engineering Fair has again filled the whole fairgrounds. 1700 exhibitors from 35 countries present their innovations. We have chosen 7 points of interest that you should definitely not miss when visiting the pavilions.

7 interesting exhibitions that you must visit at the fair
Date: 6 Oct 2016 08:49:00

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