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7 interesting exhibitions that you must visit at the fair


The International Engineering Fair has again filled the whole fairgrounds. 1700 exhibitors from 35 countries present their innovations. We have chosen 7 points of interest that you should definitely not miss when visiting the pavilions.

High speed train driving simulator in Hall A1
Have you ever thought about what it's like to drive the fastest trains in the world? You can try it this week in the exhibition space of China Railways in Hall A1. You will sit by the control panel and the big screen will show what the driver would see. Have a pleasant journey!

The strongest robot in the world
The Japanese company Fanuc presents the strongest robot in the world in Hall P. It can lift 2300 kg, which is the weight of larger cars. One is actually handled by the robot arm at the exhibition stand. Come have a look.

ABB will take you into a world of virtual reality
Virtual reality is becoming increasingly popular in gaming. However, it is also used in industrial production. In Hall G2, you can try it at the stand of ABB. They also exhibit their biggest robot so far there.

In Moov Robot is the perfect companion
He is nice, polite and even jokes in conversation. That is the In Moov robot, which has been printed on a 3D printer. Come and talk to him at the exhibition stand of the Brno University of Technology in Hall Z.

A submarine which will explore the Mariana Trench
Mariana Trench with its depth of more than 10 kilometres is the deepest undersea trench. The first myriametric submarine will soon set out to explore it. Before it embarks on its journey, you can see it in Hall A1.

Packaging line helps children from nurseries
Prams and cars from SEVA building kits are being packed in Hall A2 several times a day by the Packaging Live Line. This year it also has a charitable dimension – the packed kits will go to children from nurseries.

Fascinating 3D printing exhibits
3D printing is becoming more and more perfect every year. In Hall V you can see a show of printer creations. You will also see the most advanced colour 3D printer in the world.

Other attractions are published on our Facebook – follow us so that you never miss a thing!

Seven more enticements awaiting you at the fair

On Tuesday, we chose seven interesting displays for you at the Exhibition Centre that are worth a visit. The International Engineering Fair, however, offers a lot more. That is why we got back to the halls and come to you now with seven additional attractions you really should not miss.

Seven more enticements awaiting you at the fair
Date: 4 Oct 2016 08:26:00

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