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7.-11.10. 2019

International Engineering Fair

The 60th International Engineering Fair: New Technologies and Business Opportunities for Industry of the Digital Age


In the first week of October the jubilee 60th MSV will take place at the Brno Exhibition Centre together with five other specialized trade fairs: the 11th IMT International Trade Fair of Machine Tools and Forming Machines, the 17th FOND-EX International Foundry Fair, the 24th WELDING International Welding Technology Fair, the 7th PROFINTECH International Trade Fair for Surface Treatment Technologies and the 6th PLASTEX International Trade Fair of Plastics, Rubber and Composites. The organizers expect more than 1 600 exhibiting companies and at least 80 000 professional visitors attending.

An MSV jubilee in the year of famous anniversaries

The largest and most important domestic fair will celebrate the jubilee in excellent form. The Czech economy is doing well, the industry is moving at full speed and the participation in MSV has been enormous in recent years. In order to satisfy all requirements on the exhibition area, the Brno Exhibition Centre needed another pavilion. More than half of the companies are coming from abroad and MSV is attracting more and more professional visitors from both the surrounding and the more distant countries. This year's trade fair should be equally busy - projections for 2018 assume continued economic growth, which will be reflected in exhibitors' presentations.

The 60th edition of MSV will be one of many jubilees that will be celebrated in the "year of eights". The roundest anniversary – 100 years since the foundation of Czechoslovakia – will be commemorated all year round at the Brno Exhibition Centre and will culminate in the MSV participation of Slovakia as a partner country. A long common history of this event will be remembered, since for a longer part of its existence, MSV has been a Czechoslovak trade fair and today it is the most important place of international presentation for many Slovak industrial companies. Moreover, it is not just all about history, because even 25 years since the split into two separate states, the Czech and Slovak Republics are the second most important economic partners to each other. For the first time, Slovakia was the official MSV partner country in 2009, but this year's partnership in the year of the big jubilees will give it an even more festive framework.

In addition to other important anniversaries, Brno also marks 90 years since the opening of the exhibition centre and the organization of the Exhibition of Contemporary Culture in Czechoslovakia. The event, held in 1928 under the auspices of President T.G. Masaryk, celebrated the first decade of the new state and established the tradition of Brno as the trade fair centre of the republic. On the occasion of the MSV 2018, an exhibition will be held, commemorating all these anniversaries, but above all, the 60-year history of engineering fairs.

Innovative technology solutions for production of the future

The main theme of MSV 2018 is again Industry 4.0 - Automation, Robotics, Digitization. No surprise there, since the Brno Fair has been focusing on the upcoming fourth Industrial Revolution since 2015, when the National Industry 4.0 Initiative was announced here. Over the past few years, Industry 4.0 has been increasingly moving from conference rooms to expositions that show specific labour-saving solutions and increase work productivity and added value. Even more solutions for large manufacturers but also for small and medium businesses are expected at MSV 2018.

The cross-section AUTOMATION project has also been focusing on this topic; it will be held for the eleventh time at this year's MSV. Last year, approximately 300 companies took part in it, presenting the use of industrial automation, information technology and production process management across all trade fair sectors.

Together with IMT and technology fairs

The key sector of the year will again be metalworking and forming machines, which have the largest Hall P and other exhibition areas reserved for them. The IMT International Trade Fair is held in Brno in the even years and is one of the most important fairs of its kind in Europe. This year, approximately 500 exhibitors are expected to attend, many of whom have booked in advance.

The even years are also connected to four technology fairs. Every other year, attention is paid to foundry technology, which has been presented by the FOND-EX International Foundry Fair since 1972. An even longer tradition is linked with the WELDING International Welding Technology Fair, which was premiered in 1969, and, like FOND-EX, has long been the sector’s market leader in Central Europe. For the seventh time, the PROFINTECH International Trade Fair for Surface Treatment Technologies, which presents new developments in finishing operations, and the PLASTEX International Trade Fair for Plastics, Rubber and Composites return to the exhibition centre. All of these sectors have their place in the MSV structure in odd years, but their offer is expanded at the specialized fairs and attracts more people specifically from these industries.

Looking back at MSV 2017

The last edition of the International Engineering Fair presented 1631 exhibiting companies from 32 countries, with the share of foreign participants reaching 49.2%. Exhibitors’ showcases were seen by 81 836 visitors from 60 countries, and there was especially an increase from foreign countries, from where 8369 registered visitors came, i.e. 10.2% of the total. The fair accredited 399 journalists from six countries.

A traditional Satisfaction Survey was carried out by Ipsos Agency among MSV 2017visitors and exhibitors. The results confirmed that MSV was headed in the right direction: 82% of the exhibitors positively evaluated the fair and 89% of visitors were satisfied, the highest figure in the last five years. More than before, the participants in the fair appreciated the possibility of establishing business contacts: 79% of the exhibitors considered it one of the biggest benefits of the trade fair, 41% of the visitors expressed their opinion in the same way. In both cases, it was a very significant increase compared to the year 2016. The quality structure of the visitors was also confirmed, where 79% belonged to the so-called decision makers.

Applications by the end of March

The 60th International Engineering Fair will take place from 1 to 5 October 2018 and the application deadline for exhibitors linked with a price advantage is 31 March. In the previous years, the most attractive areas have been sold out many months ahead of time, and so applicants should not hesitate with their registration for long. The easiest way is to sign up electronically.

Date: 23 Jan 2018 12:17:00

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7.-11.10. 2019

7.-11.10. 2019


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