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4.-7.10. 2022

International Engineering Fair

6 exhibition stands that deserve your attention


From small parts to large CNC machines. You will see all that in the pavilions at this year's International Engineering Fair. We know that visiting all the exhibition positions in one day is difficult. And so, we chose for you six of them that you definitely should not miss.

A drink prepared by a robot

Shaken, not stirred. So far, this famous phrase had been said by James Bond to a barman of flesh and bone. But in the future, you could order a cocktail from a robot. You will see how it would look like at the Siemens stand in Hall P. A robot will be able to prepare a drink of up to three ingredients and serve it on the table.

Jewellery from a 3D printer

There is nothing worse for a woman than to meet another lady in the same dress or the same accessories. This can be prevented by those who produce their own jewellery. And they do not have to be manually skilled either. Their dream-design earrings can be produced by a 3D printer. You can see for yourself in the exhibition of Tomas Bata University in Hall C.

YuMi assembles a pen

The YuMi Robot is not a newcomer at the International Engineering Fair. Last year, letters had been sent by him from the exhibition grounds. This year you can see him at the ABB stand in Hall G2 assembling ballpoint pens.

Toys for children from hospitals

Another trade fair regular, the GABEN PACKAGING LIVE packaging line presents a journey of a product from a single pack to a bag to a box every year. This year, the result of its work will please children in hospitals. The line will be packing SEVA building kits for them. And if you have a competitive spirit, go to the Hall Z to build your own robot from the kit. The best ones will get a nice surprise.

Play table football against a robot

Can you beat a robot in table football? If you think so, come and try it in Hall P at Nexnet's stand. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for you to win!

Flying in the clouds

Experience what it’s like to pilot a plane. Take a look at the Czech Innovation exhibition stand in Hall Z and try the airplane simulator. We also recommend it to those who are afraid to fly. This simulator is 100% safe.

You will, of course, find much more at the trade fair. Follow us on the Web and Facebook and learn about all the interesting attractions.

Date: 10 Oct 2017 08:25:00

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