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4.-7.10. 2022

International Engineering Fair

4ISP s.r.o.


Fiber cutting laser HSG 500W, full covered
HS-M3015B is universal fibre laser machine equipped with 500 W Raycus source. This fiber laser is ready to cut carbon steel up to 6 mm or stainles steel board up to 3 mm. Rotary axis is ready to cut profiles and tubes from carbon or stanless steel. Allowed pipe diameter for rotary axis is in range from 40 mm up to 150 mm with length 3000 mm. Cutting speed is 40 rpm, max acceleration and 0.3 G positional accuracy and repeatability are ± 0.05 mm.

Cutting and marking laser with material reel in feeder
The CO2 laser is a machine designed for a very precise and fast cutting of predominantly non-metallic materials. Specifically, this model is equipped with a feeder and pick-up to work with spooled materials (textiles, filter cartridges, paper). The material is inserted into the device using a pressure roller. After completing workloads a given piece of material will automatically rewind. The processed material can be collected in the collection basket.
Basic equipment: a complete functional machine including feeders and sorters, laser tube, honeycomb table, cooling fan, controller, the ARC system controls the height of the cutting head above the material.
Variants: one laser head and two laser heads machine (second head doubles the speed of work), working area is 1600 x 1000 mm, with laser tube power 100/130 and 150/180 W.
Extras: drift corrector, a device designed for continuous monitoring of the edges of the material and correcting their positions. Thus avoid bunching and wrinkling of the material during a spooling.

Marking laser Relicut 30W with CYCLOPS control system
Marking lasers Relicut are machines designed for quick and precise labeling of all metals and hard plastics. Their advantages are high stability, can be integrated in production lines and standalone operation in the advertising and manufacturing industries. They allow you to change the modulation speed in a range 20–80 kHz to maintain the quality of marking at very high speed labeling to non-ferrous metals and grayscale settings. Marking speed: eg. 200 mm/s – 10 characters long, 2 mm height takes about 1 second.
Cyclops system – improving the accuracy of the placement of the text on the product with the integrated camera, which scans the work desktop to the monitor, including projection prepared graphics to the camera image.
Basic equipment: the entire machine, including PC and software, cyclops system, rotary axis, the foot pedal, laser pointer
Basic functions: adjustable speed, frequency and power tools, rotary marking objects
Basic software equipment: Normal fonts, single line fonts, adjustable thickness, panels, size etc. The basic graphic elements. Marking according to the database, loading external data, automatic (serial) numbering, automatic generation of texts, barcodes, QR codes, vector and bitmap graphics.


Date: 15 Aug 2015 09:12:00

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