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4dot Mechatronics Systems s.r.o.


Diagnostic Unit CHIPMUNK

Monitoring 4dot watches 24/7 machining machines and industrial facilities. Data from the machines and the facilities are obtained by vibration sensors mounted leading to Diagnostic Unit – Chipmunk. It processes, encrypts and sends data to 4dot application where the data are clearly shown. Depth of analysis depends on chosen service. All the data are real-time. Chipmunk is successor of previous hardware and offers simple all-in-one solution for monitoring machines and industrial facilities.

Chipmunk specifications:

  • 4 analog inputs, IEPE support (24V/4mA), alarm control
  • wide frequency range of inputs – identification of multiple fault conditions
  • possibility of monitoring low speed components
  • simultaneous monitoring of all channels
  • data backup to internal memory
  • LAN/LTE/Wi-Fi internet connection
  • compact dimensions, DIN rail mounting

Internet application 4dot

4dot application displays current machine condition, which is monitored 24/7 by diagnostic unit CHIPMUNK. It enables monitoring of the operation and in general contributes to the protection of the machine and to improving the quality of production.

What 4dot application offers?

  • alarms – email, sms, application
  • web interface – access from anywhere
  • identify a significant event
  • a brief summary of condition
  • thorough analysis, comparison and history of data
  • unlimited number of users
  • interconnection with superior systems, access APIs

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Date: 13 Sep 2019 10:21:00

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