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Gold Medal for lifetime achievement

Jaroslav Kopáček

Professor Jaroslav Kopáček is one of the most prominent personalities in the field of hydraulics and tires, to which he has devoted his entire professional life and is still active at the VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava in his respectable 88 years. In addition to teaching, he has participated in numerous projects and research in the field of hydraulics and tires during his more than 60-year career. Unfortunately, his academic career was interrupted for 20 years in response to his fundamental attitude to the events of 1968. During the following period he worked at the Research Institute of Hydraulic Mechanisms in Dubnica nad Váhom. Jaroslav Kopáček was allowed to return to the university in 1990, when he was appointed professor of hydraulic machinery and equipment.

Professor Kopáček was nominated for the Gold Medal by the Czech Science and Technology Society, where he was active for many years.

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