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Sport electric car StudentCar SCX

MSV 2019 Gold Medal

Product: Sport electric car StudentCar SCX
Location: Hall Z, No. st. 032
Producer: StudentCar, VŠB-TUO

Fakulta materiálově technologická, VŠB-TUO

Brief characteristics of the exhibit

The electric sport car "StudentCar(R) SCX" was created by cooperation between VSB TUO, EVC Group s.r.o. and TÜV SÜD Czech s.r.o. This developement project was cofunded bu TAČR agency, the project name was "Applied research and development for increasing safety of car with electric motors - electromobiles and decreasing of their negative influence to environment". The StudentCar SCX has advanced concept of 4 independent drive units without use of transmition, unique not only in Czech republic, but also in the world. The sport electric car StudentCar SCX was used as a testing platform for development of the battry pack , which is useable to power four independent synchronous elecric motors. Electric motors transfer the torque up 2100Nm  directly to wheels almost from the 0 RPM. Thanks to this concept of engines, which allows the torque vectoring, the car uses function of active electronic differentials, which gives the perfect ride parameters to the car. The SCX goes through the turn roads easily,  in the high speed. It is unique project, not only in the Czech republic. The designers and develpers created attractive interconnection between design and technique, which is environmental friendly, and also achieves an excellent ride parametrs and dynamics. In the interior was used modern technologies for visualisation of car data, on the twin display and removable tablet.


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