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Asymmetrical Spherical Roller Bearing with Cassette Cage

MSV 2019 Gold Medal

Product: Asymmetrical Spherical Roller Bearing with Cassette Cage
Location: Hall F, No. st. 080
Producer: ZKL Brno, a.s.

ZKL Bearings CZ, akciová společnost

Brief characteristics of the exhibit

Asymmetrical spherical roller bearing with cassette cage is a representative of rolling bearing with high thrust load capacity and high allowed misalignment. The new internal design ensures requirements for concrete mixture gearbox main bearing or main shaft of the windmill. These are higher allowed misalignment, higher thrust load capacity and ability to work in lower speed without slipping. The new design of bearing cage allowed independent movement of element rows. Rollers are modified by DLC layer for lower the friction loss and elimination of rolling contact fatigue and wear on the raceways. This new design increases the bearing life in opposite to current solution up to 80%.


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