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9.-13.10. 2017

International Engineering Fair

Line for production of linear composite material containing nanofibres


Product: Line for production of linear composite material containing nanofibres
Location: Hall Z,  No. st. 133
Producer: Technická univerzita v Liberci

Technická univerzita v Liberci

Brief characteristics of the exhibit

The production line employs a new technology to create linear composite material containing nanofibres by means of the AC electrospinning. The product is a unique fiber taking advantage of the exceptional properties of nanofibrous materials. This new composite fiber material positively combines the properties of the carrier core fibers to provide the required strength together with the nanofibre shell that gives the material its specific properties. The principle of manufacturing lies in a new way of nanofibers production from polymer solution by means of AC electrospinning, patented by TUL. The resulting product can be processed on standard textile machines with the possibility of producing textiles with unique added properties. The developed fiber and subsequently produced fabric and three dimensional composite materials are used in various applications - filtration, sewage treatment, medical applications, special technical textiles, etc.


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