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3.-7.10. 2016

International Engineering Fair

Nové komponenty z ocelí vyrobené technologií částečného natavení


Product: Nové komponenty z ocelí vyrobené technologií částečného natavení
Location: Hall V,  No. st. 025
Producer: Západočeská univerzita v Plzni
Exhibitor: Svaz kováren ČR

Brief characteristics of the exhibit

      Complex-shape small-size components from difficult-to-process steels were made by a technology of partial melting. By this means, an as yet non-existent class of components was created which has its distinct production route, dimensions, and involves novel and unconventional microstructures of steel. The input stock was placed into a mould cavity and rapidly heated to a temperature between the points of complete solidification and complete melting. The resulting semi-solid slurry with minimum deformation resistance was then injected into another mould cavity. There it filled all intricate details and was immediately and rapidly cooled. As a result, an unconventional and as yet unknown combination of processing technology, final shapes and material microstructures was obtained. The entire technology and all products, from the basic research stage up to product realization, were developed in the Czech Republic.


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