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3.-7.10. 2016

International Engineering Fair

Dynamic Lights


Product: Dynamic Lights
Location: Hall A1,  No. st. 33
Producer: Shanghai United Intelligence Robotics, Inc.

Shanghai United Intelligence Robotics, Inc.

Brief characteristics of the exhibit

Dynamic Lights" is a new generation of high-tech 3D multimedia which can be widely used for effective information delivery and advertising industry. It comprises of hundreds servo-module driven light-balls in a matrix form. With merely 4 parallel linked wires, these light-balls can move harmonically to generate a dynamic 3D image blended with vivid colors and sounds. Each servo-module utilizes UIROBOT's patented “modular integrated servo system” based on distributed control technology, requires NO motion control cards and NO additional controller for easy installation and maintenance. This technology makes simple, compact and low cost solution for large scale servo-system array/network possible.


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