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-> 13.–17. 9. 2021

International Engineering Fair

BVV Trade Fairs Brno Event at Brno Exhibition Centre No. 1. in Central and Eastern Europe Trade Fair
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Facts & Figures:

The International Engineering Fair is the most important industrial fair in Central Europe, exceeding 1 600 exhibitors and 80 000 visitors every year. More than 50% of the exhibitors and 16% of the visitors come from abroad.

The majority of visitors are professionals. Nearly 80% of those in attendance exert influence on business investment, and one third form part of the top management of their firms.

All key fields of machinery and electrical engineering industry are represented, with primary focus on machining and forming.


MSV’s spotlight is Industry 4.0 and Digital Factory, i.e. digitisation in production, one of the key trends of the innovation process. Other highlighted topics include the circular economy – management of material resources. This is a current trend which is a high-priority area of sustainable development as industry and trade adaptation will move forward in that direction.

Traditionally, MSV attracts significant media attention, with more than 260 journalists attending. One unique component of the fair is an accompanying programme that includes specialist conferences, as well as seminars and workshops on current technical, commercial and economic issues.

  • Full name: International Engineering Fair
  • Date: -> 13.–17. 9. 2021
  • Venue: Brno Exhibition Centre
  • Organizer: BVV Trade Fairs Brno
  • Position: No. 1. in Central and Eastern Europe

7.-11.10. 2013

International Engineering Fair

Gold Medal 2013 - winning exhibits


MCU 1100V - 5X
Producer:  KOVOSVIT MAS, a.s., náměstí Tomáše Bati 419, 391 02 Sezimovo Ústí
Exhibitor:  KOVOSVIT MAS, a.s., náměstí Tomáše Bati 419, 391 02 Sezimovo Ústí
Location:  Pav. P, stand 123
The multi-functional 5-axis milling machine tool centre with a modular construction enables complex tooling of wide ranging work pieces from various materials. The modular nature of the tool centre provides the options to use spindle units with various properties, to define the size of tool magazines up to holding 360 tools using various clamping systems, to attach a lathe table and adjust the size of the rotary tilting table. The tool magazine is autonomously controlled and is characterized by strong rigidity, dynamism and the active thermal stabilization of the construction. The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Brno University of Technology participated in the project

Smart autopilot on EPOS airplane
Producer:  Evektor, spol. s r.o., Letecká 1008, 686 04 Kunovice, tel.: +420 572 537 428
Exhibitor: Vysoké učení technické v Brně, Antonínská 548/1, Brno 601 90, tel: 541 141 111
Location:  Pav.A1, stand 15
The Smart Autopilot is an innovative automatic digital flight control system providing significant flight safety improvements, while maintaining a high level of pilots’ control autonomy. In cooperation with Evektor, the system was installed into the futuristic sport aircraft concept SportStar EPOS. As a result of the development process, a significant synergic effect was achieved by the unification of the digital flight control technologies with a modern sport aircraft concept which is powered by an environmentally friendly electrical engine with characteristic low operating and maintenance cost.

M2 cusing
Producer:  Concept Laser GmbH, An den Ziel 8, 96215 Lichtenfels, Germany
Exhibitor:  Misan s.r.o., Ke Vrutici 1795, 28922 Lysá nad Labem, +420325551440
Location:  Pav. P, č.stánku 136
M2 cusing machine is a metal laser melting system for production of parts made of stainless hot-work steel, titanium, aluminium and CoCr alloys, Inconel and precious metals. This additive technology system utilizes laser to melt metal powder added gradually. It can be used for production of detailed final components, parts with conformal cooling channels as well as cast prototypes. This technology can be used in automotive, aerospace, moulding, medical, dental and jewellery industries.
Innovation consists of optional quality management system QM Meltpool providing complex production diagnostics by means of scanning melting process with automatic report of possible structural faults of produced parts. This function is demanded especially in aerospace and medical industry.

Jet turbine engine TJ100S-125
Producer:  První brněnská strojírna Velká Bíteš, a. s.
Exhibitor:  První brněnská strojírna Velká Bíteš, a. s.
Location: Pav. V, stand. 037
The turbojet engine has been designed and manufactured as a driving unit with the thrust 1250 N, above all for unmanned air vehicles. The engine is a single-shaft conception with a single-stage radial compressor, annual combustion chamber, single-stage axial turbine and exhaust nozzle. The rotor of the engine is mounted on 2 ball bearings,  lubrication provides autonomous oil system. In the compressor suction, there is a  brush-less starter generator, which makes it possible to start the engine from the board network and generate energy during the engine run. Engine control is provided by digital control system.

Secondary metallurgy VD / VOD-VI
Producer:  VÍTKOVICE HLAVY MACHINERY a.s., Ruská 2887/101, Vítkovice, 703 00 Ostrava
Exhibitor:  VÍTKOVICE, a.s., Ruská 2887/101, Vítkovice, 703 00 Ostrava
Location: Pav. P, stand 050
Vacuum degasser of VD/VOD-VIT type is one of the secondary metallurgy equipment in which molten metal in the pouring ladle placed in a hermetically closed vacuum tank is refined under deep vacuum. It can be used in mass-production of steel, where vacuum refining is followed  by continuous casting or  by casting to the mould,  and  eventually by subsequent vacuum arc remelting. In comparison with RH/RH-Ob/RH-KTB type  equipment, the advantage of this VD/VOD  equipment  is emulsification of treated slag with metal melt during the refining process, whereas this slag acts as a refining reagent.

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