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-> 13.–17. 9. 2021

International Engineering Fair

BVV Trade Fairs Brno Event at Brno Exhibition Centre No. 1. in Central and Eastern Europe Trade Fair
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Facts & Figures:

The International Engineering Fair is the most important industrial fair in Central Europe, exceeding 1 600 exhibitors and 80 000 visitors every year. More than 50% of the exhibitors and 16% of the visitors come from abroad.

The majority of visitors are professionals. Nearly 80% of those in attendance exert influence on business investment, and one third form part of the top management of their firms.

All key fields of machinery and electrical engineering industry are represented, with primary focus on machining and forming.


MSV’s spotlight is Industry 4.0 and Digital Factory, i.e. digitisation in production, one of the key trends of the innovation process. Other highlighted topics include the circular economy – management of material resources. This is a current trend which is a high-priority area of sustainable development as industry and trade adaptation will move forward in that direction.

Traditionally, MSV attracts significant media attention, with more than 260 journalists attending. One unique component of the fair is an accompanying programme that includes specialist conferences, as well as seminars and workshops on current technical, commercial and economic issues.

  • Full name: International Engineering Fair
  • Date: -> 13.–17. 9. 2021
  • Venue: Brno Exhibition Centre
  • Organizer: BVV Trade Fairs Brno
  • Position: No. 1. in Central and Eastern Europe

10.-14.9. 2012

International Engineering Fair

Gold Medals 2012 - winning exhibits

List of winning exhibits in the Gold Medal MSV 2012 competition


Gold Medal for the best innovative exhibit demonstrably created in contracting cooperation with a domestic research organization (research organizations in the Czech Republic) and within development projects subsidized by the state.

Automatic device for calibration of gauge blocks
MESING, spol. s.r.o.
MESING, spol. s.r.o.
For essential innovation and automation of contactless calibration of gauge blocks.


Jury Award - Honorable Mentions:

Equipment for picking of undirected randomly placed parts from a container
Blumenbecker Prag s.r.o.
Blumenbecker Prag s.r.o.
For unique technical design of robotic manipulation with randomly arranged and shape-complex parts.

Automatic system for active control of lunettes for alignment of crankshafts when working with regulation to the position by means of two regulated electromechanically driven pistons
For unique technical design of large-scale machining of crank shafts with automatic compensation of their deflection.

Grinder of radial cams BRV-300 CNC
VÚTS, a.s.
VÚTS, a.s.
For unique technical design of a tool machine for working cams with high accuracy.

PG575 extrusion powder steam boiler with dry hearth
For a modern boiler with high efficiency and significantly reduced production of pollutants.

PTE Mk.II 330/09 stationary electric holding furnace
LAC s.r.o.
LAC s.r.o.
For a successful energy management and dimensional solution of  furnace in the process of maintaining the temperature of melt of aluminum.

XTR VAST Gold sensor head on Accura II coordinate measuring machine
Carl Zeiss IMT GmbH
Carl Zeiss spol. s r.o.
For a  sensor head for coordinate measuring machines with touch measuring of part geometry, developed on the basis of a unique solution with flexible rotation step of 15 degrees, while this patented solution with locking in the above discrete positions guarantees high accuracy and repeatability of reading.

Universal robotic ARBURG module - URA module
ARBURG spol. s r.o.
ARBURG spol. s r.o.
For flexible industrial robot automation solutions in the process of injection of polymers.

Siemens AG
Siemens s. r. o.
For an innovative bus of a new concept for real time transferring of regulation control data for drives

Ball screw with cage
For a new progressive design of a ball screw intended especially for short strokes with smooth operation and high precision positioning.

IPLEX TX industrial videoscope
Olympus Corporation Shinjuku Monolith
Olympus Czech Group, s.r.o.
For a world-unique floating videoscope with movable CCD camera on the shooting end of the probe, which allows for a detailed surface observation in deep, shape-complex and extremely narrow cavities.

MCV 2318 portal multifunction machining center
For an advanced multifunction machining center with full-feature functions of turning and milling.

Cassette system for the construction of simple CNC machines-C12, 3D fabbster printer
AGI, s.r.o.
For an excellent didactic tool for technical education.


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