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14.-18.9. 2015

International Engineering Fair

Statistical data - MSV, Transport and Logistics, ENVITECH 2015


Common statistics for MSV, Transport and Logistics, ENVITECH 2015

1,504 exhibiting companies from 32 countries
75,239  visitors from 54 countries

Quotes About the Fair

Miloš Zeman, President of the Czech Republic
During meetings at the stands, I realized that we sometimes underestimate the phenomenon, which is called personal chemistry; while chemistry can mean both hydrochloric acid and personal friendship. Personal empathy with another person is a very important factor in the success or failure of the trade talks.

Jan Mládek, Minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic
The Government emphasized the importance of the International Engineering Fair by the fact that we had a meeting at the trade fair this morning to underline that the industry is the most important sector of the Czech economy.

Vazil Hudák, Minister of Economy of the Slovak Republic
I congratulate the Brno Exhibition Centre for bringing the International Engineering Fair to this global level. It is a renowned trade fair with a long tradition, which the Slovak Republic can not miss.

Milan Štěch, President of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic
I would like to congratulate Czech industry and you, representatives of leading companies who set the tempo and are the main players in ensuring that the Czech Republic is not merely competitive, but also among the true elite. I have long been saying that we are a great industrial power, and today this is being confirmed by further analyses. We have nothing to be ashamed of.

Bohuslav Sobotka, Prime Minister of the Czech Republic
The whole government of the Czech Republic came to the fair today. The fact that we met at the Brno Exhibition Centre when it launches one of the most important events of the Czech industry and Czech engineering, clearly expressed our interest in the Czech industry to prosper in the future.

Jiří Kuliš, CEO of the Trade Fairs Brno
The Engineering Fair shows the technological future of the industry. That is its purpose.

Exhibitors‘ view

Petr Betáš, Chief Executive Officer, 1.PLASTCOMPANY, spol. s r.o.:
The company was pleased by the high turnout, we also held a number of arranged business meetings and worked on projects under negotiation. However, there were also new requirements for new projects from companies that have not known so far. The greatest interest was focused on the new injection moulding machine, which produces glasses made of polycarbonate that are subsequently marked by a laser. Visitors were also attracted by conveyor belts and a plastic recycling line. Participation in the fair was definitely beneficial for the company. We were of course also visited by our existing customers.

Anna Vondráčková, Marketing Manager, ABB s.r.o.:
The International Engineering Fair is an event and venue for the presentation of technological innovations, strengthening and establishing trade relations, meeting interest groups and educational institutions, it is also attractive for Czech media. At the International Engineering Fair 2015, ABB successfully introduced a number of innovations and advanced applications. Most attention was focused on YuMi, the first industrial robot with two arms that can truly collaborate securely with humans and that was launched in April 2015 at Hannover Messe. ABB also introduced a wide variety of cutting-edge technology and products for automation and robotics, among others a small industrial robot IRB 1200, different ways of robot welding and cutting as part of the presentation of a European Welding and Cutting Application Centre, which was launched by ABB in the Czech Republic in 2011. Visitors could also personally try out advanced ABB Robotics tools for controlling the robot in accordance with the Industry 4.0 concept. ABB‘s exhibition stand at this year‘s event enjoyed tremendous media and professional interest and also the interest of educational institutions.

Filip Lukeš, Executive, Advantage-fl.cz s.r.o.:
This year’s edition of the fair was successful for the company, we were visited by a number of people interested in our products. We made a lot of interesting new contacts, attendance was greater than last year. There was also great interest in our product, which was nominated for the Gold Medal. We held business meetings every day, and we hope that the fair will have economic benefits. We met with people whom the company really needs.

Jiří Voleský, Business Manager, ARBURG spol. s r.o.:
Our clientele is very stable, they are present at the fair on a regular basis, and our clients always visit us here. MSV is and will always be a standard for us. Each year, we are satisfied and we always have a full exhibition stand. This year we presented a combination of an injection moulding machine with a 3D printer; we have shown the customers what is Industry 4.0., with interesting ideas even if many other things are still open. It is great here, the only problem that we are dealing with in the company, is the staff, there are just not enough qualified people. It is a borderline situation with mechanical engineers, orders are being rejected only for that, the lack of staff.

Miroslav Streichsbier, Sales Manager, KEMPPI, ARC-H a.s.:
There were many customers, it is a good thing that they were experts. They came and were interested in some of the applications, they knew what they wanted to do. We have been exhibiting top welding technology from Finland for 23 years here. We were pleased that we have won the Gold Medal this year. We will present the award on our website, we will present it at seminars, but we can also lend it other colleagues in other countries. This award certainly means benefits for the company.

Jan Morávek, Business Manager, Comau Czech s.r.o.:
The number of visitors was great, we’ve established a lot of contacts, whether in the field of welding or handling. The advantage is that this technology is located in one place, and if a customer comes to see the competition, they will also visit our stand. Our trade fair participation fulfilled its purpose, we are thus more visible on the market. We only participated in MSV for the second time, next time we will come again.

Grzegorz Oparczyk, Vice President, EkoNorm Sp. z o.o., Poland:
This is our first participation in a fair in the Czech Republic. We decided to attend MSV, because we know it is the largest event of its kind in the country. We are pleased that we have met a number of companies with whom we hope to cooperate in the future. The trade fair surprised me by its size and it was not easy to manage a visit to all pavilions. It was also good for us that our participation was supported by the Polish government. Business results will bring an answer to whether to participate again next year. Now, I think so, but we’ll see what happens in the next few months.

Kamil Kotek, Head of Development, FCC průmyslové systémy s.r.o.:
This year’s MSV was successful, we gained many new contacts. Also, we introduced our new robotic measuring system which was received very positively by our customers as well as visitors to our stand. The 3D technology is developing a lot and customers are interested in these systems. We were also nominated for the Gold Medal, which helped us increase the interest in our exhibition.

Radek Šildberger, Sales Representative, Fronius Česká republika s.r.o.:
The company evaluated this year’s trade fair very positively, because lots of customers came to us, both permanent clients and also a large number of potential customers. Participation was abundant, we can see that the industry feels its potential for the future, the economy is growing. Our participation in the fair has surpassed the expectations of the company. We made many new contacts and will certainly come to the next year’s fair.

Mark Bremer, Consultant for International Trade, Chamber of Commerce Erfurt, Germany:
There are five companies of various focus in our exhibition space from Thuringia, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt, who represent the products Made in Germany. MSV in Brno is a good fair and our companies have found business contacts here. Within a few months we will see and assess what the outcome of our involvement has brought. We hope there is a good year ahead of us and we hope to take part in the International Engineering Fair next time.

Richard Dostál, Service Manager, KALTENBACH, s.r.o.:
We are satisfied with the fair, the attendance was high. We were approached by visitors who already knew exactly what they wanted. We organized a series of business meetings, the trade fair was definitely beneficial for the company.

Michaela Reissová, Head of Marketing, KARDEX s.r.o.:
We evaluated this year‘s fair as better than last year, both in quality and quantity of visitors. From Tuesday to Thursday those were really intense days, so I hope this will be reflected in the contracts. Even future users of machines that have already been purchased came to visit us and the operating staff came to be informed in detail about what to expect and look at our products live. I see it as one of the positive moments.

Jan Hruška, Product Manager, KOVOSVIT MAS, a.s.:
I can evaluate the Engineering Fair very positively. Year after year, there is increasing participation in this event. Our stand is a venue for numerous business meetings, with great success for our company this year. We even sold one machine with a robotized workplace on the spot. We are very satisfied from a business perspective, attendance is great. Of course we took advantage of being in Brno for business meetings, which have also been a success.

Jindřich Vaňous, Company Director, KUKA Roboter CEE GmbH:
We are satisfied with the fair; the products that we presented had a great success with visitors. There was simply a great interest, particularly in our innovation in machining, an easy robot control using a machine tool control. We have received a lot of feedback about this novelty at the trade fair. In addition to existing customers, our exhibition stand was visited by many new prospective customers, so the fair was a good move for the company.

Pavel Tyl, Business Manager, NAREX Ždánice, spol. s r.o.:
We introduced a new range of taps at the fair, which we have just introduced on the market – it is a high quality series and competes with the world’s best products in this field. Our participation in MSV has served us very well that way, a number of experts who are interested in such innovations came to see us.

Jaroslav Čada, Managing General Partner, OPIS Engineering k.s.:
Our stand was visited by a lot of people, we could not even attend to all of them. The fair has been successful and we hope that once we have evaluated, it will have been good also economically. It seems to me that this edition has returned before 2009, when we had big turnovers from the fair. We also registered our exhibit in the Gold Medal competition; unfortunately we did not succeed, because the awards went to complete machines while we have registered a material. The opening day was also wonderful, our representatives in Italy were thrilled, they were even able to meet with the President and Prime Minister.

Miroslav Mašek, Executive, PILOUS – pásové pily, spol. s r.o.:
One can see at the fair that the Czech industry is alive, our machines were of great interest, we have concluded a number of contracts. But this is not important, the trade fair means that a company presents its news and lives from it during the next period because Brno attracts a lot of specialists. The fair is attended primarily by experts, they come with a clear objective, they know what they want.

Zbyněk Schreiber, Sales Manager, Pramet Tools, s.r.o.:
We have gained many new contacts at the fair. We evaluate it very positively, we did well by inviting our partners to be presented at the exhibition stand together with us. I can say that the benefits have been very good for all of us. There were a number of business meetings, because each individual trader invited their clients to Brno. I have attended the trade fair about fifteen times, this one was the best, in my opinion; we received the most customers, too. The fair was suitably arranged this time, the individual disciplines were placed in a narrow circle and it was good for the customers’ orientation.

Monika Janišová, Marketing Consultant, PRESSENTECHNIK s.r.o.:
One of the innovations that we are introducing at the Brno trade fair is a precise cutting press. It’s an opportunity to show the wide range of visitors, from schoolchildren through engineers and technologists, the direction in which we want to develop our sector. We are glad that there were a lot of young people – mechanical engineers and engineering students who watched our technology and were interested in learning more about them. We consider MSV a very beneficial fair and I don’t not know of any larger exhibition in Eastern Europe with such a wide range of visitors and potential.

Petr Bilavčík, Director, PRIMA BILAVČÍK, s.r.o.:
The Brno trade fair has been a truly significant event for our company, we have been exhibiting here for 20 years. It is always a look into the future for us and I can not imagine my work without it. There were a lot of visitors, about twenty percent more than last year, every day. The company considers this year’s fair a success. Some major customers came to tour exhibition stand and we had something to offer to them. The current situation in the industry is benefiting our company, because customers do invest. We have registered a unique product in the Gold Medal competition, yet it only remained in the nomination category.

Pavel Horňák, Sales of Machine Tools, REXIM, spol. s r.o.:
The fair was successful, it is looking very good economically. We gained dozens of new contacts which we will evaluate after the fair. In addition, we strengthened our relations and contacts with our existing customers. Brno is a very convenient place for these meetings. We are pleased that there was great interest in our new product, everybody was happy, by that I mean exhibitors and customers, it seems to me that this year took all of us by surprise. The attendance was in my opinion more than 20 percent higher than in previous years.

Andrea Gutová, Corporate Communication Business Partner, Siemens s.r.o.:
We participate in the trade fair in Brno every year, we have not missed a single one, we belong to traditional exhibitors. Still, this year surprised us, there were really many visitors every day. We were visited by government officials with the President in the lead. We also had a large number of business meetings at the stand and according to feedback from our merchants, they are excited about the negotiations. The fair was very successful, and obviously also from a business perspective.

Jiří Přibyslavský, Branch Manager, Spraying Systems Czech, s.r.o.:
The fair surprised us, we did not expect that it would be so beneficial for the company. We were visited by many customers who were interested in our products. We held many meetings at the stand, the fair was a great asset for the company.

Martina Kotoučová, Marketing Department, STILL ČR spol. s r.o.:
We brought innovations in handling equipment including a single hybrid truck in its class with a unique diesel electric propulsion to this year’s fair. We are satisfied with this year’s attendance of visitors, which was very high.

Vratislav Rada, Owner, SysTech Group s.r.o.:
We are dealing with automatic vertical warehouses and automated warehouses with unmanned trucks, which replace heavy manual work and lead to significant streamlining of in-process transport and significant savings in storage space. Regarding our participation in the fair, this year we were a little bit worried, but we are happy now because we have many new contacts, beyond our expectations. We were surprised during the initial assessments how big the difference is between the number of visitors from Bohemia and Moravia, since 80% of all our contacts are Moravian and up to 20 percent of the Czech ones mostly come from the Central Bohemian Region. The preparation and the fair itself were quite relaxed too; attendance and interest of the people, strangely enough, even among the young generation. For boys from schools showed real interest in the machines. They are our potential customers and we need to tell them that such technology exists, so that they would know about it and be ready for it in the future.

Tomáš Dederle, Manurhin Division Director, TAJMAC – ZPS, a.s.:
I can evaluate this year’s trade fair in Brno very positively, our stand is always full of people interested in our products, we even have a problem with the capacity of the stand. Last year we had the best-ever year from an economic perspective and I can see that after this year’s fair it will be even better. Seeing the fair, I feel that a lot of work returns to the Czech Republic, companies are lacking people and machines for new orders. Therefore, we have already sold out our production there is a waiting list for the machines and this year’s fair corresponds to it. There is huge interest in our products, from the very first day of the fair. Attendance is huge, better than last year. I am glad that we have received the Gold Medal. It’s a good proof for our competitors, but it also helps us with state agencies in receiving subsidies for research and development. It is a signal that we develop truly superior products that will stand the global competition.

Tomáš Pavlík, Executive, TM Technik s.r.o.:
The fair was a success, I evaluate it very positively. We were visited by a number of people interested in our products, even from abroad, such as England, Germany, France and Italy. They all judged the fair as very good and they liked it. It was interesting for them. We used the fair to meet with our regular customers, and we solved numerous business issues.

Roman Kříček, Executive, UZIMEX PRAHA, spol. s r.o.:
We are focused on automation and robotics. We returned to the Engineering Fair after about seven years, we invited our customers here and even some new ones came to us. In the future, we are considering the number of visitors of the Amper exhibition and we will probably again participate in the Engineering Fair, which is more important for us in terms of the range of products. This year’s attendance was decent, though not as large as in the years when we used to come here before.

Dalibor Fabián, Business Director, VÍTKOVICE MACHINERY GROUP:
The International Engineering Fair in Brno belongs to priority events for the Vítkovice Group. In essence, we prepare all year long for the next Engineering Fair and we always try to show something new. This year we introduced innovations, such as a stainless steel bottle designed for diving, also halls for multiplication use, etc. The most important thing for us is that we have won the Gold Medal for our stacker which is used in the Třinec Ironworks – it is an ecological construction. We were visited by many clients, and I am glad that this fair is attracting increasing numbers of young people. Some hours we were really besieged by young technology students, it can see that there is growing interest in this field. The company also held many business meetings during the fair.

Aleš Skřivánek, Business Manager, WaShine s.r.o.:
Our company attends the International Engineering Fair for the first time this year. I am satisfied with the interest in our technologies and products, we had many customers visiting who liked the structures we offered. They were really serious customers, but there were also those who were considering the washing centre as a project for the future. We’ll see how the contacts obtained in Brno will develop in the future. The fair was successful for our company and we have increased the awareness about the products we delivered.

Zbyněk Ludačka, Managing Director, WFL – Ludačka Machine Tools s.r.o.:
This year’s fair has surprised us very much, it was much better than last year, when we presented our company for the first time. We were visited not only by our regular customers, but we also established new contacts. There was great interest in our new projects and we were also successful – we sold a machine directly at the exhibition centre for € 1.5 million to a customer from Poldi Kladno.

Pavel Halabala, Executive, Ziehl-Abegg s.r.o.:
So far, we have not evaluated the trade fair, so I would just briefly summarize my impressions. Ziehl-Abegg attended MSV in Brno after many years, we were visited here by a number of potential new customers as well as existing clients. The first impression is very positive and we believe that we will return to Brno in the future.

Marta Pernicová, Head of PR and Marketing, ZKL Bearings CZ, a.s.:
We are regular participants of the Engineering Fair. We are a Brno company and participation is thus a matter of prestige for us, because we have one of the largest exhibition stands. It is a good opportunity to show where the company aims to go and introduce innovations. Indeed we innovate annually over a hundred types of bearings, which are made up to a diameter of 1600 mm. Our stand in Hall F was visited by many customers because we deliver bearings to virtually all industries. The fair also helps us also to meet with existing customers in one place. This year’s participation was really abundant.

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