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29.9. - 3.10. 2014

International Engineering Fair

Misan s.r.o.


The basic philosophy of the company Misan s.r.o. is providing customers with valuable and long-term solutions over and beyond mere machine tool sales. In our projects we are looking for a comprehensive response to the customers request in the form of production solutions or systems consisting of the appropriate accessories, including automation. An integral part of the supply are its related services: Careful installation, quality training and technical and application support, which we consider a natural part of the high utility value of the equipment we offer. Our services also cover warranty and continue for a long period after the warranty expires including the overhaul of sophisticated multi-tasking machine tools.

Brother M140X

This newly developed machine from Brother brings a revolution in mass production manufacturing strategy. Traditionally mass production is based on single operation machines, whereas the Brother M140X1 is a high-speed compact multitasking machine enabling both milling and turning operations in one set-up. The standard milling spindle unit offers high performance and high torque with maximum 10.000 rpm a through coolant (standard 15 bar). The trunion table is designed for high speed positioning of the workiece in the A- and C-axes. The C-axis is fully utilized also for turning operations with up to 2000 rpm. The best fit application for M140X1 could be represented by an aluminum die cast workpiece with up to 30 % turning operations, the rest milling and tapping operations on multiple faces.

ConceptLaser Mlab cusing

Welcome to the manufacturing technology of the future – the fusion process with a patented stochastic laser exposition generating extremely complex shapes from 3D CAD data. New visions are to be followed in the future of designing of metal components and final products with extreme mechanical and thermal loads. The manufacturing process takes only several hours regardless the complexity of the product shape. The Conceptlaser Mlab cusing machine is an ideal solution for manufacturing of compact size complex workpieces with best surface finishing.

Okuma MA-600HII

Turning cut operations are utilized on a variety of milling machines due to the high productivity and specific surface finish. Common applications require custom made tooling and/or additional head attachments. The method presented on the Okuma MA-600HII horizontal machining center represents an effective straight forward approach utilizing only the standard turning tooling supplied by various tooling manufacturers. This technology is based on the capability of the Okuma OSP controller in connection with Okuma made NC drives and measuring systems.

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