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29.9. - 3.10. 2014

International Engineering Fair




Innovative multi-cable entry system SKINTOP® CUBE MULTI with gel membrane technology provides the user a number of benefits such as savings through quick installation by high packing density, simplified servicing due to easy assembling and disassembling, optimum strain relief on the entire cable bundle and the possibility to install of not harnessed cables and media hoses. Not used holes remain securely sealed and the system meets the requirements of protection class IP65, the temperature range is from –30 °C to + 100 °C. System SKINTOP® CUBE MULTI is available in two versions, which differ by the number and size of cables. Multi-cable entry system SKINTOP® CUBE MULTI is useful not only in apparatus and switch cabinet construction, but also in automation technology.

UNITRONIC® 300 STP, stíněný datový kabel s aprobacemi UL/CSA

Shielded data cables UNITRONIC® 300 STP with twisted pairs can be used thanks its properties for many applications. Cables for process control, electrical equipment, industrial machinery, low-voltage control interconnect are suitable for internal and external wiring. UV-resistant cables with size AWG 18 and 16 are suitable for direct burial. The temperature range for fixed installation is from –40 °C to +105 °C. Cables are internationally certificated, due to they can be used for applications in the USA and Canada.


New low capacitance hybrid cables ÖLFLEX® SERVO FD 7DSL and ÖLFLEX® SERVO 7DSL by Lapp are designed for HIPERFACE DSL® (HIgh PERformance InterFACE Digital Servo Link) servo drive feedback systems developed by company SICK.

While standard servo drive systems require two cables for connection between drive and motor-feedback system, there is one connection line only in case of this new unique motor connection system. Use of HIPERFACE DSL® together with hybrid cables by LAPP GROUP of a new conception brings a lot of benefits: 50% cable reduction, decreasing of cable drag chain dimensions, reduction of cabling weight, installation time and required mounting space (one connector only on a drive). Risk of wrong assembly was decreased too thanks to fewer connection points.

New servo cable series is produced in two variants. Cable type with PUR outer sheath is designed for highly dynamic applications (ÖLFLEX® SERVO FD 7DSL), PVC alternative (ÖLFLEX® SERVO 7DSL) serves for static use. Cables are flame retardant and oil-resistant, PUR version is UV resistant too. Nominal voltage value is 0,6/1 kV (VDE), eventually 1000 V (UL) for power and control cores and 300 V for signal pair. Thanks to cRU / RU AWM approval cables are suitable for export oriented customers too.

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