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29.9. - 3.10. 2014

International Engineering Fair

KUKA Roboter CEE GmbH, organizační složka


The future of automation lies in direct cooperation between humans and robots

LBR is the latest robot from a large KUKA industrial robots family. Excels neither long-range or high load capacity, but yet it is in many ways unique. LBR is the first mass produced robot in the world that has one of the human senses – touch.

The base of his ability is a torque sensor in all 7 axes. This makes LBR iiwa predestined for direct human robot cooperation, which by the way implies abbreviation iiwa – intelligent industrial working assistant.

The future of automation lies just in this cooperation. If we can integrate robots to operator without fences or other restrictions, we can better exploit the benefits of a human operators and the robots. Operator can quickly assess visual stimuls and is more flexible and adaptable to changes in the manufacturing process, on the other hand robot is faster, more accurate, and can repeatably perform even complex tasks. Other advantages of using this new robot in production are for example lower demands on the grippers, sensors and easier, thanks to 7 axes, better ability to keep orientation of the tool and even an opportunity to learn robot movements by hand guidance.

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