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29.9. - 3.10. 2014

International Engineering Fair

ISCAR ČR s.r.o.


New inserts HP ANKT 0702R12T-FF

We bring new tool with exchangeable inserts HP ANKT 0702R12T-FF. It is combination of features two tools used on known finishing HELIPLUS cutter. So due to special geometry of inserts is possible to use this tool for fast feed application.

Inserts HP ANKT 0702R12T-FF have 7 mm cutting edge length and FEEDMILL geometry on the rake face. This geometry when used suggested allowance bring new feature of this tool. Fast feed application is possible to use on this standard cutter. Inserts are designed to use them on finishing cutters HELIPLUS 07. In this combination you can achieve very fast feed when machine a small parts, shallow cavity and shouldering application. All new inserts is possible to use in standard cutter (HP E90AN, HP F90AN), which are known and used by general engineering public.

New line of drilling tools COMBICHAM for middle and bigger hole diameter (26–50 mm).

Why COMBI? On the basis of long time trial and test at the customers we understand that drilling body equipped by two types of exchangeable inserts has better cutting features than body with one type of inserts SOMT. It confirm the sence of continuous self upgrade of our tools what is often expected from our side.

New drilling bodies COMBICHAM are manufactured in the range 26–50 mm and 5xD length. The drills features a pilot SUMOCHAM drilling head and ­standard square SOGX/SOGT inserts peripherarly. SOGX/SOGT are sharply grounded and equipped by wiper geometry. For general use are manufactured in IC808 PVD grade. Body of this full effective drill is polished for low friction and better chip movement.

New clamping mechanism DOVE IQ TURN

We introduce new innovative tool seat solution equipped by dove shape in combination with lever type inserts clamping. New system feature by new rigid and safe clamping potential of insert without problematic upper clamp in the chip formation direction.

The DOVE IQ TURN clamping mechanism can firmly hold double sided inserts featuring double negative prism flank. The dovetail pocket and insert prismatic flanks prevent the insert from being lifted by the cutting force. Available are three insert geometries with prismatic flanks: WOMG-R3P-IQ, COMG-R3P-IQ and SOMG-R3P-IQ designed with a new R3P chipformer for turning of steel.

Another advantage of these tools is possibility to use the rest cutting edge of inserts. For this purpose we bring to market new type of holders PWXOR/L suitable for fast feed turn application. This is most economical usage of all insert’s cutting edges. Trigon shape insert offer 6 cutting edges in holder PWLOR/L and next 6 cutting edges in holder PWXOR/L. COMG inserts offer 4 cutting edges (with top angle 80°) in holder PCLOR/l and next 4 cutting edges in holder PCBOR/L (with top angle 100°).

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