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7.-11.10. 2013

International Engineering Fair



SYSTEM SpA will present AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle)which are vehicles designed for the handling of goods and products inside a factory, utilizing a variety of machines connected internally of the warehouse area in such a way as to save time, energy and space in implementation of the company's logistics system.
The AGV moves independently and automatically, with no need either for an operator or for fixed tracks in the floor, guaranteeing a notably high degree of flexibility in the event of the factory being altered or enlarged.
Vehicles can dialogue with other robots or automation systems to the end of ensuring that the product is handled smoothly in the warehouse, or stored for future use, or placed directly in the dispatch area ready for shipment.
The layout and proportions of the system are designed with the aid of a simulation tool that enables engineers to verify the trajectories and the number of missions that can be accomplished, and establish how many vehicles are needed.     

System Logistics will be debuting  their newest addition to the MODULA line of Vertical Lift Modules, the Sintes1 at  MSV Brno 2013.  Developed as a flexible and cost effective way to enhance your picking and storage operation the new Sintes1 allows you to save up to 90% of your floor space increases your productivity and picking accuracy while helping to create a “greener” facility. It is perfect for small items such as tools and electronic and pharmaceutical components and is adaptable to industrial environments, small warehouses and wherever you have storage space constraints allowing for a seamless transition from static storage methods to a fully automated, full featured vertical storage system.


Founded in 1970 and immediately established as leading company in the ceramic sector, System very soon made its strategy successful also in the logistics and electronics sectors, up to the photovoltaic sector. Covering 5 business lines, the System group is currently present on the market with a turnover of 275 million Euros and 1320 employees.

Founded in 1970 in Fiorano Modenese by Franco Stefani, the current group President, the company initially developed its core business in the ceramic sector, specializing in the production of machinery for decorating tiles and for the automation of end-of-line systems and storage. The first division of the Group, System Ceramics, quickly turns out to be the world leader for decorating systems, with products such as Rocket and Rotocolor, currently distributed over 20.000 installations world-wide. To these decorating systems, highly innovative technologies such as Creadigit, a system of digital printing for ceramic decorating, 4Phases, designed for packaging to save up to 80% of carton and the range GEA, the most powerful press in the world without mast.

From the beginning, System has taken a competitive advantage from the specific facilities centre for the development of the hardware and software, needed for its own systems. This technology centre, System Electronics, produces industrial controllers, industrial PCs, also wireless (Copilot, www.pcwireless.it), remote I/O modules and interface systems. The applications range from supervising and collecting production data, over technologies for the identification/traceability of products by means of barcode and RfId tag, up to the line automation, characterizing its own products above all for the elevated level of innovation and quality of the small productive volumes. Furthermore, project capacity, the possibility to dispose of internal engineering resources and tests of the installations, allow the company to introduce itself as partner for developing solutions suitable for specific requirements. In the ’80s, System S.p.A. enters in the sector of the integrated logistics, initially with the release of its first vertical automatic warehouse Modula (www.modula.eu). From this, System Logistics (www.systemlogistics.com) is established, evolving from vertical warehouses with drawers to systems and complete solutions for the integrated logistics. Subsequently, the first large sized systems for atomized warehouse are created. These systems are characterized by complexity of more than 100.000 pallet places and 10.000 picking operations per day, a performance allowing the System Group to establish itself as a reference partner for the logistics of the principal multinationals of beverage. Once more, technology innovation and outstanding automatic and software systems allow the Emilian group to compete with companies of far larger dimensions.

Lamina, fourth division in order of foundation, results from an idea of innovative inspiration: to produce “the largest and thinnest ceramic plate ever seen before”. The process corroborated by Lamina allows to produce a ceramic laminate only 3 millimetres thick, with an extension exceeding 3 square meters and featuring perfect plainness and remarkable flexibility. The “Lamina process” is a particular system of compaction, Compatter, transforming raw materials, such as clay and feldspath, into plates combining the best characteristics of laminates and ceramics. Everything in the full respect of the environment, thanks to the reduction of the dispersions and the absence of harmful emissions.

In 2005, Nuova Era is incorporated. The company, established in Scandiano (Reggio Emilia) in 1985, is already famous in the industrial automations sector for the ceramic industry and the agreement with System is fundamental for the integration of the various products within the scope of a continuous research for outstanding quality.

The same year, FTP Automazioni also enters the System Group. Established in 1980, FTP is based in Fiorano Modenese and is specialized in the packaging and palletizing sector within the ceramics and food field. The experience in these sectors brought them to excel in a niche market, which is the case for producers of special pieces and ceramic kits and for this reason, the acquisition by System in 2005 and the merger, two years later, gave birth to a privileged interlocutor, immediately positioned at the top in the production of machines for ceramics (mosaics and end-of-line) as well as for packaging.

In 2007 there is Serigrafica Tosi (now tosilab), a company with confirmed experience within the sector of graphics and design for ceramics, the production of flat and rotating screens, laser incision and delivery of silicon rolls, established in Sassuolo in 1969. System, by obtaining a majority share in this company, it gave way to a new highly profiled partner for ceramic industries, focused on the development of decorating technologies.

In 2009, System group acquired Micromax perfecting its palletizing, handling and storage systems, thanks to the ten-year experience in the company’s packaging and end-of-line system sector. That's how System Packaging was born, the result of this precious synergy: compact machinery, versatile and capable of absorbing productions of several lines, in various market commodity sectors. This combination allows System to develop new commercial strategies, focusing on the ceramics sector of new markets abroad. The latest of this category Freebox, a technology able to create custom size boxes in real time for any type of product, from a simple flat sheet of carton.

The main target of the System Group is to grow and to innovate, always and exclusively aiming at outstanding quality, and the mergers and acquisitions which have been made over the years are part of this strategy. A continuous search for improvement, having its origin in the history of the company in Fiorano and profound motivations in its detailed knowledge of the market, an exclusive quality of a group active for 40 years.

Motivations which, amongst others, include the will to propose innovative solutions and diversify the company production.

For over fifteen years, the client list has extended from the international ceramic field to include companies of the beverage and food sector, apparel, aeronautics and mechanics. The extension of the client list has also an international dimension, which brought us to be the leader in the main countries in America, Asia and Middle East, thanks to the development of more than 24 branches all over the world.

The constant care for research and development and the efforts in technology are translated in a systematic investment of 5% of the turnover, which led to significant results: from numerous patents up to fruitful collaborations with the main scientific research centers in the world.

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