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7.-11.10. 2013

International Engineering Fair



Gates new solutions for industrial applications

MSV Brno (CZ) - Pavillion V, Stand number 105

Gates is a global diversified industrial company specialized in advanced power transmission and fluid transfer solutions for the widest range of applications in a variety of industries.

At MVS 2013, Gates will further demonstrate its innovative leadership by introducing a range of new products to the Czech market starting with a high quality specialty hose designed to convey diesel emission fluids for SCR (selective catalytic reduction) emissions control systems. Compared to heated-wire designs, the Gates revolutionary carbon fiber technology gives more uniform fluid heating at reduced cost.

A no-skive solution for up to 2” hydraulic systems, the true leak-free GlobalSpiral Maximum™ coupling will also be displayed. This coupling eliminates the risk of fluid power system contamination and coupling blow-offs caused by improper skiving.

Represented as well, the Gates EMB tube fitting range. Gates EMB – a division of Gates in Europe - is one of the largest European manufacturers of the DIN 2353 cutting ring couplings. The fittings meet all the industrial requirements and exceed the ISO standard in pressure. They even allow pressure ratings up to 800 bar with a safety factor of 4. 

Always on the edge of the innovation in high performance synchronous products, Gates will demonstrate the features of its new line of premium rubber belts, PowerGrip® GTX. Manufactured in Europe, it is oil resistant, static-conductive and shows increased resistance to extreme high and low temperatures. With dramatically increased power ratings, PowerGrip® GTX belt is currently the strongest rubber synchronous belt on the market.

And last but not least, also specialized in the development and the production of polyurethane belts, Gates offers the BLACK FLAT series especially adapted to a wide variety of mechanical requirements. All belts are characterized with smooth running, low elongation and high strength. They are secured in applications by clamps or by a FIX-FLAT, a patented clamp, easily mounted and unique to the market. It ensures secure attachment of flat belts, in contrast to conventional clamp fastening plates.

With these new developments, Gates further establishes itself also in the Eastern European countries as the specialist in advanced power transmission and fluid transfer solutions for the widest range of applications in a variety of industries.

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