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7.-11.10. 2013

International Engineering Fair

Alvey Manex a.s.


Alvey Manex is specialised in tailor-made industrial automation projects:

  • Palletising & depalletising systems
  • Warehousing & distribution systems
  • Pallet stretch wrappers
  • Industrial software
  • Expert advice
  • Design and engineering services
  • Dismantling, modification and updating
  • Maintenance services

Website: www.alvey.eu

Come to our stand A2/003 and see automatic pallet wrapping live!

Alvey Manex is a distributor of the ITW Haloila wrapping machines in the Czech Republic. At MSV in Brno, we will be exhibiting the automatic rotary ring stretch wrapper Octopus Compact.

Stretch wrapper „Octopus Compact“

Octopus Compact is the first of a new generation of stretch wrapping machines that offers ring wrapping technology for semi-automatic use or where low capacity automation is ideal.

The Octopus Compact is in the same price band of rotating arm and turntable machines, while offering the lowest possible consumable and maintenance costs.

Octopus Compact is the ideal solution for unstable pallet loads with production capacity up to 35 pallets/hour. The machine is equipped with the automatic Tail Tucker system, which inserts the film tail under the previous film layer at the end of wrapping cycle.


Economical and reliable
Wraps up to 40 loads per hour depending on load size and wrap pattern.

Dependable construction minimizes maintenance
Compact, aluminum frame structure along with a well balanced ring and belted lifting device results in quiet, efficient performance and minimal maintenance.

Simple installation saves time, money and space
Requires minimal assembly and less floor space compared to most other styles of wrappers.

Numerous benefits to rotary ring design
Open top sanitary design, ability to handle variable loads and ease of performing maintenance provide a distinct advantage.

Consistency and unmatched flexibility
Easy load s film carriage style ensures a higher, more consistent pre-stretch while the ring design allows for unlimited wrap patterns and optimised film usage.

Technical specification

  • Speed: 20 rpm
  • Capacity: Up to 40 loads per hour depending on load size and wrap pattern
  • Max. load size: W 1200 mm x L 1000 mm x H 2320 mm
  • Min. load height: 300 mm
  • Max. load weight: Dependent on conveyor
  • Dimensions: W 2200 mm x L 3000 mm x H 1200 mm
  • Machine weight: 1300 kg

Optional equipment:

  • Separate top sheet dispenser
  • Pallet lift device
  • Load stabilizer (gravity)

Safety light curtains, safety fence

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