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10.-14.9. 2012

International Engineering Fair

VÍTKOVICE collect medals and sign contracts at MSV


The engineering group VÍTKOVICE MACHINERY GROUP have been extremely successful at this year's engineering fair. The won one of the main prizes and honourable mention in the competition for the MSV 2012 Gold Medal and concluded several important supply contracts, including Russia and Pakistan. We asked the Vice Chairman of VÍTKOVICE MECHANIKA a.s. Mr. Vlastimil Kaplarczyk about the details.

VÍTKOVICE have one of the largest exposures of this MSV in Hall P. What does the presentation at this fair mean for you?
We are compared with the competition here and we want to demonstrate that we are able to do something. We are committed to returning to the energy sector, both large and small. We shift from the usual routine production to engineering projects and larger supplies of investment units in engineering disciplines, which have been the domain of Vítkovice in the past. The main point of our exposition at MSV is to show what we are and what we can do.

When you talk about industrial plants, you certainly do not mean only the Czech market, but you also aim elsewhere. Is the fair also important for you from the foreign contacts perspective?
Of course. Now I speak for VÍTKOVICE MECHANIKA, which is a service and engineering company within the group, and we are looking abroad, we supply to German engineering companies, but we also have our own deliveries in reconstructions and modernizations of rolling mills, etc. We are heading for exotic markets such as Pakistan or India and of course to Russia and Ukraine, where we feel there is great potential for these supplies. Their local facilities are well known to us because they are often of Czech and Slovak origin. Significant supplies were implemented by Vítkovice in previous years. We want to return to these markets and, after some twenty or thirty years, when the devices become outdated, we offer to modernize the operations, be it the foundry, steel mill or rolling mill.

You have mentioned India, which is a partner country of this year’s fair. Will it help you to develop contacts in the local market?
Certainly, we meet with Indian partners here, whom we already know. We have several contracts under negotiation, which we would like bring to a signature. Specifically, a steel mill in Pakistan with a total value of 6.1 billion CZK, where the financing remains to be solved through the Czech Export Bank. Another contract in Pakistan concerns a modernization of mills and foundries of brass and copper tape, we are also discussing supply equipment for the steel industry and equipment for rolling profiles and rails in India.

You have been extremely successful in the competition for the MSV Gold Medal this year, you succeeded with two exhibits ...
We had actually hoped even for three medals. The first was gained by our power engineers for a boiler in the Tušimice plant with excellent parameters. VÍTKOVICE MECHANIKA received has a special mention of the jury for its automatic active lunette steering in crankshafts machining. A crankshaft is an excellent engineering product designed for two-stroke engines of large naval ships and our system ensures an increased productivity, dramatically reduces production times and increases competitiveness against Asian manufacturers. We also achieved an improvement in specificity parameters, which is very important because the crankshaft is mounted on the ship during its construction and works here throughout its life, it can not be removed or repaired.
We also entered another exhibit from the field of CNG in the Gold Medal competition, which is also unique and still unused in the Czech Republic. It is a virtual gas pipeline application for the use of compressed natural gas in vehicles. At current fuel prices, we try to use alternative fuels in our corporate fleet, and because there are not very many stations where it is possible to get CNG, we try to bring this fuel to places where there is no gas line. We bring it there with own trailer and we can place an unattended filling station with full connection through payment terminals in these places in one day. We are exhibiting a subsidiary CNG filling station at the outdoor area A.

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