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10.-14.9. 2012

International Engineering Fair

The Russian exhibition at MSV: 80 companies on more than 1000 m2


The Russian Federation confirms interest in cooperation with Czech companies in engineering by a high turnout of exhibitors. Some 80 companies and 300 guests came to Brno, including representatives of Russian universities, research and development institutes and various regions of the country. "We are very pleased by the interest of Russian companies in attending the fair. Russian participation is one of the largest and thus gained the status of the trade fair guest of honour," said the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic Martin Kuba of the Russian exhibition at the opening ceremony today.

He noted that the Russian Federation is a very important strategic business partner with whom the Czech Republic has a growing trade balance. He also mentioned his satisfaction with  the participation of representatives of the Russian regions, since regions are often places where large Czech - Russian projects are realized. The potential of such projects is represented in Brno by significant Russian companies RZHD (Russian Railways), Mechel (Mining and Metallurgical company) and Moscow State Technical University. The cities and regions represented include Moscow, Kaluba, Novosibirsk, Samara, Sverdlovsk regions and the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Region of Ugra.

Good business relationships and positive numbers of the trade balance were also mentioned in Brno by the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Georgyi Kalamanov. "We have not yet gotten to the indicators of 2008, but we are close to them," he said today amid an impressive exhibition in the Russian colours in Hall A. The focus there is on modern operational facilities, innovative development in nanotechnology, electronics, automation and measuring equipment, materials and components for mechanical engineering, metallurgical and foundry equipment, development of energy and electric industry, and also power units, hydraulic and pneumatic machinery and equipment.

According to information from the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs, foreign trade between the two countries experienced some recovery in the last two years. In comparison with 2010 (10.4 billion USD), it increased by 28.6% (13.3 billion USD). Czech imports from the Russian Federation increased by 18.7% (from 6.8 to 8 billion USD). Czech export increased significantly, by 47.6% (from $ 3.5 billion in 2010 to USD 5.2 billion in 2011). Besides the growth of mutual trade there was also a long-term deficit reduction for the Czech Republic. In terms of volume of trade turnover reached, Russia moved from 8th place to the 6th place with a share of 4.2%. In exports, the Russian Federation maintained its 9th position (with a share of 3.2%), in imports it went down to 5th place with a share of 5.4%. Czech exports in 2011 included machinery and transport equipment in 68.5% of the total share. They especially involved road vehicles (23.0% of total exports), machinery and equipment generally used in industry (10.9%), office machines and automatic data processing equipment (10.1%), and electrical machinery, apparatuses and appliances (7.6%). Imports were dominated by oil (40.1% of total imports) and natural gas (37.6%), the other items then mainly involved ores and metal scrap (3.9%) and iron and steel (3.0%). The Russian Federation is a huge market for exporters (a territory of ​​17 million km2, over 140 million inhabitants), which in terms of the implementation of Czech exports presents significant opportunities for the majority of Czech goods. Due to the changing conditions and international competition in the Russian market, there is a shift from a simple implementation of market goods to an investment market. There is interest in the transfer of modern production on a high technical level, in cooperation and joint ventures, virtually in all sectors of the Russian economy.

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