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3.-7.10. 2011

International Engineering Fair

Foreign exhibitors return

The industrial market in Central Europe is growing and companies from Western Europe, but also from other parts of the world want to take advantage of new business opportunities. "We are delighted by increased interest by direct foreign exhibitors, mainly from Germany, Slovakia and Italy," said Jiří Rousek in this context. Visitors will get to know the offer of a wide range of major companies, who have never exhibited in Brno before, but who feel that this year was the right time to penetrate new markets. One of the foreign exhibitors who will attend MSV for the first time, is a global company BS&B Safety Systems based in the Netherlands that develops and manufactures special components and equipment for pressure measuring and control.

Traditionally, most applications arrive from Germany, especially in the fields of machine tools and materials and components for mechanical engineering. Two dozen German exhibitors applied for participation in the fair for the first time, and German participation generally exceeds last year with both the number of firms and occupied surface space. Individual German Lands again want to extensively present themselves and prepare their official participation, representing dozens of companies from various industrial fields. The largest exhibitions will feature Baden - Wuerttemberg and Bavaria, followed by Hessen, Thuringia and after a pause, Saxony and Rhineland - Palatinate return to Brno too.

Another interesting return is the official Swiss participation, organized by the Switzerland - Czech Republic Chamber of Commerce. Other Swiss companies exhibit separately, namely in the field of machine tools, among them for example Swisstool Export - Gruppe or TEXIMP. A large stand of Alfleth Engineering will feature eighteen companies from Switzerland, Germany, Italy, France and India.

Official stands, which clearly show how much weight each country attaches to MSV in Brno, will be opened by several more countries. Traditional Slovak participation is guaranteed by the Ministry of Economy SR, Austrian participation takes place under the auspices of the Austrian Embassy Commercial Department and the French participation is supported by the French-Czech Chamber of Commerce. This year’s attractions include the planned official participation of Belarus, and even two large stands of export promotion institutions from Turkey, which document the current boom of this new economic power. There will of course be also non-European exhibitors, among whom mainly companies from India and China rose in numbers.

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