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1.-5.10. 2018

International Engineering Fair

ArcelorMittal Ostrava



The Steel Heart Steadily Beats in Ostrava Ironworks for 67 Years.

 Sixty-seven years ago, on 31 December 1951, the foundation charter of Nová Huť Klementa Gottwalda (NHKG – Klement Gottwald New Ironworks) was compiled. One day later, the first blast furnace was ignited; pig iron came out of the furnace for the first time at the beginning of March 1952. The history of one of the largest plants in the Czech Republic, with annual crude steel production reaching 3.6 million metric tons, began on that day. The historical turning point was the year 2003, when the company was privatised by the current owner, the world’s leading steel company ArcelorMittal.

Whereas in the past, massive investments mainly strengthened production capacities, privatisation paved the way for the strong modernisation and ecologisation of the plant operations. The ironworks currently produces more than two million metric tons of steel, used particularly in the construction and mechanical engineering industries. The company is the largest producer of road guardrails in the Czech Republic. The company not only supplies the domestic market, but exports to more than 40 countries the world over.

Every employee may contribute to the development of the company and production technology improvements, including all related processes, by introducing his/her improvement proposals. Every year, employees introduce hundreds of “improvements”, put into practice. The ironworks support in-house research and development; the expert team, specialising in automation, recruits dozens of domestic and foreign experts. Scientists develop and put into operation sophisticated time-saving equipment, improving safety and enhancing production efficiency. Premium environmental measures, implementing the best available technologies, substantially reduce negative ecological impacts.

Ostrava ironworks, employing 6500 people, is also a major employer and social partner. The company is the strongest and the most stabile patron of culture, education, and the social sector in the Moravian-Silesian Region. Moreover, it is also one of the companies that has never missed any International Engineering Fair.



Photos: archive ArcelorMittal Ostrava


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